Italian Tommy Allan (USAP) explains why he is ending his international career

Tommy Allan is about to turn 31 and has made a powerful and surprising decision. After 80 selections and more than 500 points achieved in a decade with the Italian selection, Tommaso known as “Tommy” Allan announced in a message on his Instagram profile that he is quitting and fully devoting himself to the USAP, and above all to his family. In front of the microphone of France Bleu Roussillon, he returns to this difficult and powerful choice.

France Bleu Roussillon: You decided to end your international career in Italy, what is the explanation?

Tommy Allan: As I said in the post, after the World Cup and after the preparations, the season is long mentally and physically, there is a lot of pressure. I was away from my family for six months and when you add the tournament to that, it's a bit difficult for me. I decided to do this to get better and play my best rugby.

I talked to Gonzalo (Quesada), he understood, we had a lot of discussions, he really understood my situation. It was easier for me to talk directly with him, he understood my state of mind. I announced my decision to the group before posting my message, I got a lot of positive messages.

When we see rugby players, we can tell ourselves that our life is easy, that we live well, but we also have problems and we have to take that seriously. We have to think about people's welfare.

What might surprise you is your decision to end your international career in the middle of the VI Tournament of Nations and not at the end of the season, why?

To understand. I wanted to play, I went there for that, but as soon as I moved away from my family, it was difficult again. I still tried to do it so I could give what I could to the team. I finally decided to stop.

And now, how do you feel because it must have been a tough choice?

It's a tough choice, it's tough, but the most important thing is that it's done and we'll see what Gonzalo does next. It's still hard for me to explain, but everything is clear in my head. I hope everyone understands. It's my decision, I don't care if some people disagree, but I made the best decision for myself. I'm here to help the USAP and I'm happy to be here.

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