It's one of the best sci-fi movies of the 21st century and it's available to stream! An ambitious space odyssey with Cillian Murphy

Science fiction is an incredible tool for exploring the human, the place we occupy in the infinity of space that surrounds us, but sometimes also the divine, spiritual, taking elements of mythology from any religion. Not with perverse intentions to convert the viewer, but to try to shape what science has not yet been able to explain or even achieve.

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This is a tough sell for many viewers, who expect more logical answers from movies like this. Examples like the astonishing 2001: A Space Odyssey, with its Nietzschean dissertations that many have no patience for, or the irregular Prometheus that tries to capture the tension between humans and an inexplicable higher entity, thus seeking to paint a profound portrait of ourselves. Sunshine is also in this category.

Divine and solar

Starring Cillian Murphy, who reunites with the team that cast him in 28 Days Later, and Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh and more, this ambitious space odyssey from Danny Boyle and Alex Garland was hugely underrated at the time. Its superb visuals and collection of existentialist ideas are worth rediscovering now that the film is available to stream on Disney+.

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The film takes us to the year 2057, where the spaceship Icarus II is trying to save humanity from disaster. The sun has only five years left before it burns out, and the crew is looking for a way to launch a powerful explosive charge that will revitalize the celestial body and prolong its existence. But the ghost of the previous Icarus, which failed in its mission, puts incredible pressure on the crew.

Alex Garland once again applies his ambitious fantasy concepts, even more characteristic of his career as a science fiction director. Danny Boyle expands it all with a little folk sensibility and a lot of visual wonder. Their perfect collaboration gives birth to a film that is multi-faceted, but also philosophically related to the spiritual, which can be an insurmountable barrier.

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