“It's over”: Michel Sardou announces the end of his career forever

It seems that Michel Sardou has decided to call it quits for good this time. As his farewell tour draws to a close, the 77-year-old artist announced his desire to retire in the columns of Le Parisien. Enough to give the singer a breather, he enthusiastically hung up the phone: “Finally, I'm going to breathe. This tour is long and tiring. I'm 77 years old! When I leave the stage, after two hours, I'm done. And after , the road, the hotels, I can't do it anymore… .” Known for not having his tongue in his pocket, Michel Sardou condemned certain aspects of stage life that annoy him the most: “When I leave the stage, after two hours, I'm done. And then, travel, hotels, I can't do it anymore… You know we can't eat after the concerts? In Marseille I wanted to make a reservation for 90 people who are accompanying me on this tour! The guy said to me: “I love you Mr. Sardou, but if we do this, the staff will not work tomorrow.” Can you believe it? It's been 60 years since I sang and I've never seen it. And it's like that everywhere in France, things are bad! The only one that welcomed us was a restaurant in the forest in Belgium. We made beef, I eat a good laugh, like before. The Belgians are less stupid of us!”

Michel Sardou will thus leave his life in Paris to settle down “in the mountains, in the south”. The Connemara Lakes performer intends to keep his word: “The song and the theater are done. Seriously.” In 2017, Michel Sardou already announced the end of his career for the first time, before finally returning to tour in November 2022. From now on, there is no question for the singer to turn around: “This time, I want to do it. Before I sing again , I'll really have to extend them… I'm too expensive. I guarantee you. The same goes for the theater. There are too many shows. When I had my theater in Paris, there were 360 ​​a night! How can people go out so much?”

“On March 30, I'm on vacation, retired. Does that surprise you? Me too,” continues Michel Sardou, who will perform at the La Défense Arena in Paris this weekend. He assures that only a certain director could motivate him to continue his activity: “The only thing that would entertain me is to film with Olivier Marchal, because I like him. But this summer I'm going on my boat, swimming in the open sea, naked, and I will talk to dolphins…”

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