'I've Had a Crazy Life': Lorie Reflects on Her Career and Success in the Early 2000s

You came to tell us about your new album called “Hyper Lorie Volume 1”, available on all listening platforms, covering five of your greatest hits in a duet with the new generation of French song. There is Bilal Hassani, Adé, Brö. This idea of ​​a mini-album, this idea of ​​covers of your songs, where does it come from?

I wanted to do something for the 20th anniversary, because it was the 20th anniversary of the first single, the first album. But I didn't know what, really. And watching this young generation of artists answer the questions: 'What was your first concert? Was it Lorie', 'Your first album? It was Lorie. And then I said to myself: 'Alas, there is something to do because today I am listening to them'. Well, they chose their songs, from my repertoire, and we entered the studio. And that makes 2024 title versions of my old hits.

Is there a memory from that time that you particularly cherish? An image that comes to you, an emotion?

I think when an artist gets a taste of the stage, he gets hooked because it's really a wave of energy and love. After that I had the opportunity to record a duet with Johnny Hallyday and I had the opportunity to fill stadiums at the hippodrome. I was lucky enough to have Jean-Jacques Goldman write a song for me. I have done extraordinary things. Well yes, there is not just one thing.

It's going 1000 miles an hour. And then it moves, develops. You turned to comedy, and now you're back with this mini-album of covers. When we're 20 years old and we get this fame and achieve these dreams, what do we tell ourselves we're going to do for the next 40 years?

Well, we will adapt, we will evolve, we will have other desires. It is true that, as you said, I also turned to comedy. Today I turn to directing. I write books. There are still many things to do and I have 40,000 ideas per second. So that's not a problem.

Is there a scene that will take shape? Is that in the plan?

It's a little early to talk about it because the first volume is actually out. We are currently working on the second volume. And then other small surprises, other titles that will be released, remixes. All. So, for now, we are still in the study phase, and then we will see later. But hey, the truth is the scene will be something, we all want it.

Volume 2, do you already know who we will find in it? What songs will be on it?

I could, but I'll be back to talk about that in due course. Yes, it's still a little early and I won't reveal any surprises.

When you see the kind of career you have, when you see the way young people present themselves today, they express themselves in a completely different way. Everything has changed. Can you imagine today being 19-20 years old and being pushed into this situation? Do you think it would be the same thing?

In a different way? Yes and no. Because I'm still an artist who came from the Internet. This means that at that time we made the title “Près de moi” and the record companies didn't want it. And with my producer, we had a good idea to put it on the music site and in three months, there were 15,000 links. So today we laugh a little bit because 15,000 listens, we do that in a few seconds, but at the time, it was just fantastic. And thanks to that, I was able to sign a contract with a record company. So, it is true that the internet side was already that. But the truth is that today there is much more to social networks than that. So yes, I think I would adapt.

A few weeks ago, we received Dove Attia, the producer of the musical, who said: 'Nowadays, it's not just the hit that counts, it's also the personality'. Because we transmit a part of our personality through networks. Do we go through it or do you think only the artistic personality is important?

It is true that with social networks today we reveal a lot more of our intimacy, a lot more of our private life, backstage in the studio, a lot more moments of life. At that time, we no longer heard the song on the radio or listened to records in stores. So, we didn't have all that side of the picture and this side that artists today reveal through social networks. So, indeed, I agree with what he says.

So, “Hyper Loris Volume 1” is your first song that you remastered as a duo with the younger generation. Which of your own songs is your favorite?

I don't listen to my songs, but I think my favorites are 'I'll be your best friend' and 'Un air Latino'.

These are the ones who marked an entire generation. And when we talk to you about it, does it make you smile?

Yes Yes. These titles have changed my life, and for the better, so I can only smile.

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