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Jago Geerts:

Jago Geerts will make his big debut in the premier category of world motocross this weekend in Argentina at the first Grand Prix of the season. An important step for someone who has been riding at the top of the MX2 category for the last few seasons. With already 24 GP successes and four world runner-up titles.

“I can't wait to be there. Argentina is one of the most beautiful Grand Prix seasons,” begins Jago Geerts enthusiastically. ., winner in 2023). The route therefore suits me perfectly. The preparations are over, we are finally getting down to business. This year this GP also marks my MXGP debut. So it is quite special. »

“The 450 should suit me better than the 250, its power makes you ride less aggressively. »

Who says new category also says new volume for the Yamaha rider. Displacement where he has already shown enormous potential. “I've already ridden a 450 twice during the Motocross des Nations, but you can't compare these bikes to my current Yamaha. I was just looking for the right settings in winter. In the meantime, I think we've made a lot of progress on that front. I am not an aggressive driver by nature. The 450 should therefore suit me better than the 250, because the 450 has extra power, which makes you ride less aggressively,” analyzed a Yamaha official.

“Overall, my winter preparations went well,” Geerts continues. “Although I started a little later because of a bad flu. I wasn't able to fully boot until January. The preparation – both physical and on the motorcycle – therefore had to be quite quick. The preparatory races may not have been successful in terms of results, but I was satisfied with my driving. And what also satisfies me is that my physical tests were excellent. They are even better than this time last year.”

If he changes the category, Jago Geerts stays in an environment he is familiar with, because in fact the entire team of Hans Corvers moves to the MXGP class with his colt.
“And I'm very happy about that!” », immediately clarifies Jago Geerts. “This will be my seventh season with Hans. I feel good in his team. So why the change? Some pilots have to change their air every three or four years. That's not my case. Even in my everyday life, I have a small, close-knit group around me. »

“I know it will be strong. That's why I prefer to remain humble. »

So it seems that all indicators are in the green as we begin this season during which Geerts intends to explode into the firmament of world motocross. However, if he is aware of his potential, our compatriot also knows how to stay down to earth. “It's a bit like starting from scratch. This is a new stage in my career. So I won't put unnecessary pressure on myself. Who knows, maybe this will work in my favor? Could I win the world title immediately? I hope, of course, but I also know that it will be very difficult. When I see how Gajser has already freed himself in the preparatory races… I prefer to remain modest.”

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