Jean-Bernard Bouvet wants to give his sports career a new boost in 2024.

With nine participations in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, Jean-Bernard Bouvet wants to give new momentum to his sporting career this year.

Since his last appearance in Sarthe in 2016, alongside Frédéric Sausset, Manceau, although always present on the slopes, has decided to use his experience to support young rising talents through a sector that has progressed for four wonderful years.

Ending this great adventure, keeping a watchful eye on the journey of his young protégés, Jean-Bernard Bouvet turns the page: “This adventure was useful for those who believed in this sector, because today they are young pilots who all have steering wheels,” he told us. “The aim of the sector is of course to promote young people who already have talent to finally acquire flying skills and achieve their goals. I think I have achieved my goals and today I decided to move on. »

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This new site, multiple champion of the V de V Endurance Series, then the Ultimate Cup Series, wants to turn that around behind the wheel. With his bronze driver status and great experience, both in sprint and endurance, as well as in proto and GT categories, he very much hopes that the year 2024 will provide him with great opportunities. “Bronze pilots, who are fast, are in high demand due to various regulations that require the presence of bronze per crew. Many drivers in my situation tried to sell at the end of last season and many places are already taken, but I would be tempted with a program in GT4 Europe or another, along with my program in the Ultimate Cup Series, on Visiom, with Jean-Paul Pagny. I had the opportunity to do three times in GT4 Europe on Alpine and we won one in Spain, accompanied by a couple of podiums. »

His main program will therefore remain the Ultimate Cup Series at the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo from Team Visiom, alongside Jean-Paul Pagny and David Hallyday. However, the two-time current champion of the discipline remains motivated. “Motorsport is all about mental motivation, technique can always be improved. I honestly think that sometimes it is more difficult to drive in the championship where the competition is smaller because we have to keep our sportsmanship and efficiency spirit. The end of the year showed us that we played well despite the increased level of competition in Castelletto, for the final. The goal remains the same in 2024, to win the title, which should be Jean-Paul's last competitive season. »

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