Judo: Charline Van Snick ends her career at the age of 33

There, it's over! At the age of 33, Charline Van Snick decided to end her long and successful sports career. Liégeoise appeared on the international scene on June 24, 2006 at the European Cadet Championship in Miskolc, where she competed in four matches.

Charline has played a total of 295 games, with a winning ratio of 68.1%, the last of which dates back to August 4, 2023, during the Masters, in Budapest, where she promptly lost to Israel's Gefen Primo. During these seventeen years at the highest level, Charline Van Snick has built an excellent track record, the highlight of which was her bronze medal at the 2012 London Games.

Double champion of Europe

European junior champion in 2009, in Yerevan, Liégeoise was twice in a row among senior women, in 2015 and 2016, titles to which she should add four more medals, two silver (2012, 2013) and two bronze (2010, 2020). ). But she also shone at numerous events, all over the world, with 26 medals at Masters, Grand Slam and Grand Prix tournaments.

Charline Van Snick won 38 international podiums, which puts her in third place in the Belgian hierarchy, between Ulla Werbrouck (43) and Gelle Vandecaveye (36), all behind… Ilse Heylen (52).

The only flaw in this image is that her world bronze medal in 2013 in Rio was tainted by a positive test for cocaine, for which she was suspended for two years, which was cut in half by the Court of Arbitration for Sport after a long process. during which she constantly referred to her good faith.

Born in Liège on September 2, 1990, Charline began training judo at the age of 6 in Blegny, before her parents, Marc and Anne, founded their club, Bushido Saive, on her 8th birthday. She was always loyal to this club, even if she moved to Paris, where she lives and trains for more than ten years.

Since childhood, Charline Van Snick dreamed of the Olympic Games. They interrupted his life and career, especially the first ones in London. After winning her first two bouts, she lost in the semifinals to Brazil's Sarah Menezes, a future gold medalist, but made a strong comeback to beat Argentina's Paula Pareto for bronze. She was less happy, four years later, in Rio. After knocking out the Romanian Martina Ungurean, Menezes found herself and beat her again.

After fighting in -48 kg until then, Charline decided to move to a higher category, -52 kg, at the end of 2016. Although she still won several medals at Grand Slam or Grand Prix tournaments, she only climbed to the European podium with bronze in 2020, in Prague. But she hasn't lost any of her rage for victory.

With the postponement of the Tokyo Games, his desire to shine on the Olympic stage continued. In Japan, she was stopped in the quarter-finals by Italian Odette Guifrida, then in the repechage by British Chelsea Giles. A failure from which she recovered with difficulty, she took a year and a half break before returning at the end of 2022, at the Masters.

She had hoped for a long time to participate in the games in Paris, but this time her stature did not follow through.

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