LeBron James crossed the 40,000 point mark in his career

Not to beat around the bush, apparently that's why we set the alarm last night. Seeing LeBron James pass the 40,000 career point mark. And that is now done. royal.

The room was obviously full, it was the place to be that night in Los Angeles. The atmosphere was filled with the smell of legend, like these nights when LeBron finally became a specialist, a rascal. 20,000, 30,000, Jabbar's record… The very long career of LeBron James is obviously punctuated by various milestones and we know that these nights everyone is dancing, and even the DJ is not a competition we are going to, but a real show, put together from A to Z.

“We'll stop you man, you'll end up with 8 points” 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/7qMoph6AhW

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) March 3, 2024

The start of the game? Obviously, we notice that line between a basketball game that has to start and an event a little more anticipated than the game itself. It's fair game, it's LeBron, it's 40,000, dammit. The first air-ball on the fadeaway, the game is played in a false rhythm for the Lakers who don't know what they want, while we know what they want, and in the end it is Nikola Jokić who eats three big falafels in two minutes in the first.

LeBron James' first rush, finally, my smoke felt the air to 01 and barely had time to go down before LBJ hit a 3-pointer in the corner. King exits 3.19 from the end of the first quarter, with 4 points to enter at 154.938. way in history.


— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) March 3, 2024

At the beginning of the second quarter, that's how it is for now. A strong cut, a foul to the basket more, but a missed shot, oh scoundrel. Then a three-point shot without a missed beat would almost make us tap our feet.


— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) March 3, 2024

Then at 3:10 a.m. on March 3, whether we remember it or not, LeBron James becomes the 40,000-point man after Michael Porter Jr.'s big boy turnaround, all happy to be in the picture like Kenrich Williams a year ago, as Jason Terry twelve years ago, like Andre Iguodala ran away six years ago, etc., etc., etc., etc.

⭐️ LEBRON – 40,000 POINTS ⭐️

LeBron becomes the first player of all time to reach the 40,000 POINT mark in the NBA 👏👏👏

SIZE!! 👑👑👑 pic.twitter.com/SFbWe6oNgt

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) March 3, 2024

The basket that gives LeBron 40,000 career points: pic.twitter.com/mzLOksyhWo

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) March 3, 2024

We will probably never see that again in our lifetime.

A player who reaches 40,000 points in the NBA… that's unique.

40,000 points.

20 seasons of shooting hoops.

We are witnesses, LeBron.

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) March 3, 2024

4️⃣-0️⃣-K pic.twitter.com/YCGKaaHyN6

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) March 3, 2024

The game. Boarf, who cares, we'll talk about that later. The main information is the following: LeBron James scored 40,000 points in the NBA and, wait, we're talking about the regular season because if we add the Playoff score it's not high but high and goes up to more than 48,000. LeBron James, very simply, and we hope you enjoy it HARD, even if the worst part of all of this is probably that LeBron James still seems to have so much going for him. Passionately.

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