LeBron James is 74 units away from 40,000 career points

LeBron James has already given us a lot of unforgettable nights. He could give us a lot more, but the next deadline is surely the symbolic bar of 40,000 points, which should fall very, very soon!

40,000 points. FORTY THOUSAND “FUCKING” POINTS. It's monstrous.

We're closing in on LeBron James, who therefore only has 74 pedestrians to register before simply opening a new NBA club. A club where he will feel lonely for a very long time, which must suit him very well. A historical sign that maybe we will experience only once in our life as fans, so we can guess about the date, so as not to forget the alarms.

His left ankle injury has delayed the 40,000 goal somewhat, but we are on target. Barring boo-boo or anything else malicious towards him, King should reach this milestone – another one – in the next three or four matches.

A stroke of luck, or a twist of fate – my eye – for the most superstitious among you, the Lakers are starting a home streak…which will allow LBJ to be able to do it at home for a party in Los Angeles. Celebrities, videos, you know. A secondary scenario, even if according to him, “he was never comfortable receiving compliments and honors”…

Two games in particular attract attention: the one against the Nuggets and the one against the Thunder. It's clearly possible against the Wizards, but it's less likely, and it's still the Wizards so I'm not sure it's the perfect opponent, yeah, LBJ will obviously pick himself. Of what, the Clippers? If LeBron wants to send a message to the youth with 74 points, he'd be happy to do so, but we'll focus on the March games instead.

  • For that against Denver, they would need 3 games of 25 points, which is their average this season. In addition, we would be facing the current champion, so a pretty ideal opponent to reach the legendary bar and that should happen. Just like that, FYI, the game is at 2:30 in the morning.
  • Otherwise – obviously barring injuries or absences – the last thing we can imagine is a game against the Thunder. It would be a great symbol because already against this team, a little over a year ago, LeBron James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. STO-RY-TEL-LING we said.

In any case, regardless of the opponent, date or time, you will have to be in front to see something historic. Understand, we are talking about 40,000 points scored in the NBA. So wake up and be ahead live if you can!

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