LeBron James is on the verge of reaching 40,000 points in his career

After becoming the best scorer in NBA history a little over a year ago, LeBron James will give us a new historic moment tonight. King is on track to become the first player in history to reach the 40,000 career point mark.

Nine little dots. That's what LeBron needs to reach the 40k mark. Knowing that he has 1,204 consecutive games with at least 10 points (an all-time NBA record), it's not too much of a gamble to say that King will accomplish this feat in his next game.

And the next match is played tonight against the defending champion Denver (even if it is theoretically questionable), at 2:30 in the morning on the Los Angeles side.

You will have to be there!

LeBron James is just 9 points away from making history 👑

Don't miss him in action this Saturday on ABC at 8:30pm ET against the Nuggets! pic.twitter.com/wcDwUX8W4Q

— NBA (@NBA) March 1, 2024

Throughout his incredible and endless career, LeBron James has broken records. He achieved feats. He opened clubs. And as of tonight, he will have to add to his record: “The first player in history to score 40,000 career points.” If it's not necessarily the most prestigious line on his resume, it counts for a king.

“No one ever realized that. To be in this position at this stage of my career is really great. Does this top my list of career accomplishments? Not. But does it mean anything to me? Absolutely. I would be lying to you if I said otherwise.” – LeBron James (via The Athletic)

The leading scorer in NBA history continues to push the boundaries and widen the gap behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who hung up his sneakers with 38,387 points on the clock. There was a time when KAJ's record seemed untouchable, today we wonder how high LeBron can set the bar.

In his 21st NBA season and at the age of 39, King is still averaging 25.3 points (!) per game. He's still capable of scoring more points than the entire team in the fourth quarter (hello Clippers). And it seems he wants to keep playing for another two or three years. Are we already meeting in 2027 for 45,000?

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