Lionel Messi is a genius! Science says so –

Throughout his career, Leo Messi has been called a genius, a wizard or even a superlative, but recently there has been a debate in the scientific community about whether he was just gifted or extremely gifted.

“It is likely that Messi has exceptional intellectual abilities. Historically, these abilities have been measured by IQ tests or other numerical indicators, but this approach is now considered outdated in the scientific field,” explains Jana Martínez-Piqueras, president of Indifferent Minds, one of the first organizations dedicated to people with high potential. in Spain. This declaration comes today, March 14, which is no coincidence: it is International Foundation Day, chosen to honor Albert Einstein's birth date in 1879.

The idea that Messi could be an extremely gifted person may seem surprising, but both science and experts in this field are convinced of this. “He embodies the concept of genius. Messi represents the quintessence of the game, peripheral vision, precise calculation of the parabolic path with the ball… It is evident that he possesses a complex set of cognitive abilities. In addition, there is a crucial aspect: Messi, just like high-potential individuals, is influenced by the environment in which he operates. If anyone thinks that all of Messi's heroics on the field are simply the result of his technical prowess, they are mistaken,” says Martínez-Piqueras, highlighting the lack of support these people suffer from, especially since childhood. “High potential is not a disease, but lack of attention to these abilities can lead to problems. Many people with great abilities are not identified,” she insists. “There are many athletes who have high intellectual potential, but who go unnoticed. They are excellent athletes whose cognitive component is not developed. What is not fed will eventually die out. »

“If these people are not treated differently, they are in danger,” concludes Jana Martínez-Piqueras, president of the Indifferent Minds Foundation.

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