Long career, Agirc-Arrco sentence… questions about your retirement? Our experts answer you

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– Capital, in cooperation with Mirovinski osiguranje and Agirc-Arrc, is organizing a webinar on Thursday, March 21.

We often hear: you need to prepare for retirement on average six months in advance. Ideally, even throughout your career you should keep your future retirement in mind. Keeping track of your activities, knowing how the birth of your children affects your retirement, or even knowing that starting work early will allow you to stop sooner… these are all important points to master.

But you are not experts! So, to guide you, Capital, with pension insurance and Agirc-Arrco, supplementary pension for private sector employees, is organizing a question and answer session on Thursday, March 21 from 13:00 to 13:45. This event has been scheduled before Retirement meeting which will be held from March 23 to 29. This special campaign, jointly organized by the pension insurance and Agirc-Arrco, allows you to take advantage of personalized appointments at the agency or by phone.

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If you were unable to make an appointment or would like additional information, feel free to participate in the webinar we are organizing. Then you will be able to benefit from the advice of two experts: Philippe Bainville for pension insurance and Fanny Guillou-Marre for Agirc-Arrco.

Participation is simple. Just register here. You will be able to ask your questions live via chat to our experts. If you now know what you want to ask them about, don't hesitate to send us your questions at this address: [email protected]. In order to satisfy as many people as possible, we will sort them according to the topics they cover.

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