Louis Garrel: why his grandfather opposed his acting career

Dogs are not cats. This Saturday, February 24, Maurice Garrel would have been 101 years old. His grandson, Louis Garrel, followed in his footsteps also becoming a famous French actor. However, Maurice Garrel strongly opposed this project when his grandson was just a young teenager. Last year, in a guest appearance on France 2's Beau Geste, Louis Garrel said that his grandfather did not take kindly to his desire to become an actor: “At the age of 12 or 13, I told him: 'I still want to act,' and he replied: 'It's not a man's job,'” the actor confided to us. The young man was surprised by his grandfather's answer, who added: “If you want to do it, do it as if you were going to become a doctor, it's the least you can do.” So, you go to the conservatory at the age of 12. »

Louis Garrel didn't exactly follow the advice of his ancestors. Nevertheless, he went to the cinema and enrolled at the conservatory at the age of 18. “But it didn't make sense. I spent my time making fun of the lectures. I used to take fencing lessons and skip them, and it would actually be great. But later I had excellent teachers,” admitted Louis Garrel. However, his first film experience dates back to childhood. In fact, Maurice Garrel shared a poster for the movie Les Baisers de rescue with his grandson Louis. A film that brought together three generations of Garrels, because it was directed by Philippe Garrel, son of Maurice and father of Louis!

Louis Garrel's mother in prison

In 2022, in the columns of Madame Figaro, Louis Garrel returned to the marriage of his mother Brigitte Sy to a prisoner, when he was only a teenager. The love story that inspired him for the film The Innocent. In fact, his mother, an actress and director, ran theater workshops in a prison environment for a long time before she married a prisoner. “I worried a lot about my mother and, even though it was reinforced in the film, I liked the idea of ​​portraying this son who acts a bit like his mother's father because she is his opposite in character, very sunny, childlike joie de vivre,” he confided. is. “When my mother got married in prison, I was a minor and I wasn't allowed to attend, but I would have liked to,” he revealed with regret.

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