Lunin is facing the biggest decision in his career

Andriy Lunin is nothing more than a spare wheel at Real Madrid. He is the best goalkeeper in Spain and the second best in Europe.

To find a place in the cages of Real Madrid, Lunin had to fight very, very hard and be patient. After several unsuccessful loan spells, the Ukrainian was brought back to Madrid to replace and learn from Thibaut Courtois. When the latter got injured, his time came, but even there he still had to prove himself.

The management of Madrid immediately decided to bring Kepa, who was the best option on the market, as part of the one-year repair. Immediately, Carlo Ancelotti pushed him as number 1, much to the misfortune of Lunin. A departure at the end of the season therefore seemed inevitable.

Then the tide finally turned in his favor. Kepa was injured, and the young Madrid player did not miss this last opportunity. He had a string of good games until he sowed doubt in Carlo Ancelotti who initiated the turnaround by January and the Spanish Super Cup which favored Luna.

He has his destiny in his hands

Since then he has made 10 consecutive starts and has not disappointed as the record is 6 wins, 5 clean sheets and multiple saves. In the double clash against Leipzig, he was the most determined player of Madrid and in general, he is the best goalkeeper in Spain and second in Europe in terms of statistics behind Sommer.

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This season, Lunin finally agreed: he is a great goalkeeper and we can even say that he is made for Real Madrid if he is able to maintain this level of consistency over the years. Now his only problem is that the one who returns in a few weeks is called Thibaut Courtois, and before the serious injury he did not have the slightest competition.

What is certain is that the Ukrainian is seen at the club as an ideal replacement for next season and is under contract until 2025. At the same time, his performances will inevitably attract demands this summer and, at 25, he faces a major turning point in his career.

He can decide to stay in Madrid and continue to prepare for the post-Courtois era, without knowing how long the Belgian will remain untouchable… or fly to other horizons and settle at another club. The good news for Luna is that he is now in control of his destiny and will have choices. For sure.

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