Mika destabilized after the coach's joke in The Voice 2024

During the first episode of the blind audition in The voice of 2024this Saturday February 10 on TF1, Zazie, Vianney, Bigflo and Oli left the stage, disappointed that they were not chosen by the talent: Gabriel Lobao.

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First in the show! While star academy has just closed its doors with the victory of Pierre Garnier, another iconic talent show has just returned to the TF1 channel. It is Vote ! The channel aired the first episode of the 13th season this Saturday, February 10. The 2024 edition already promises to be rich in emotions and twists. The proof is also this unusual scene that happened right after the performance Grabiel Lobao, one of the talents of the season, on the recording of the show. His unexpected and obvious complicity with one of the five coaches gave a strange idea to the other members of the competition jury.

“It's not even worth talking about.” : Bigflo confident that Gabriel Lobao will choose Mika as coach The voice of 2024

Coming straight from London, where he settled four years ago to make a living from music, the 25-year-old tries his luck in Vote with Over my shoulder, a song by… Mike, one of the coaches from season 13! In the version re-orchestrated by Olivier Schultheis, the program's music director, the performance has little effect as the five red armchairs rotate. During the questioning, Bigflo takes the floor to summarize the situation. “In the end (from the performance of Gabriel Lobao, op.a.), Mika showed him the outfit ('outfit' in French, editor's note) in 'Good outfit' mode. He sang his song and they are both from London. Did you understand that it was for us? It's not even worth talking about, guysthe rapper complains to Zazie and Vianney, convinced that Gabriel will choose Mika.

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“I've never seen that” : Nikos Aliagas amused by the coach's unexpected reaction to the choice of Gabriel Lobao in The voice of 2024

Then it's Mika's turn to speak. “I love that you ripped my song“, he points out in order to congratulate Gabrijelo on his headline performance. “There is nothing sweeter than forgetting yourself in your own song”, continues the coach. And the talent to answer: “I did not forget you.” It didn't take long for the other members of the jury to realize that they were not their match. “I would like us to preserve our dignity”, Bigflo declares, rising from his seat and inviting his colleagues to follow him into the audience to follow the rest of the conversation. Behind the scenes, Nikos Aliagas is speechless. “I've never seen that! They left the chairs behind”, the presenter was surprised. On set, Zazie explains the situation: “We'd like to argue, but we get the impression you've already made your choice.” For his part, Mika doesn't know how to react. “Do you understand what you're doing? If he doesn't pick me, it's a shame for the rest of my career”, warns. Without much surprise, Gabriel Lobao decides to go with the translator Relax for the rest of the adventure.

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