Monteils. End of career for Francis Lonjou

With a friendly reception, shared emotions and memories, the retirement of Francis Lonjou, a meritorious employee of the Sematec company, specialized, among other things, in the exploitation of quarries and the processing of raw materials into aggregates, was just marked. To salute his exemplary professional career, former company boss Serge Bonhomme, now semi-active, paid tribute to the company's oldest employee, as a heavy goods driver and machine operator, with an effective presence of forty workers. a year and two months. In his concise and warm speech, Serge, who was at the head of the company for 31 years, repeated the journey of a man on the ground, with strong convictions, declaring: “Francis is a dinosaur, he is the one who said. We have been around each other for a long time. We didn't always agree, but we always trusted each other.” Then, developing his colleague's sense of organization with a clear and convincing vision, the former boss assured: “Francis has an informed and wise view of everything we have experienced together, from the evolution of our working conditions, the Sematec site in the quarry landscape of Tarn-et-Garonne. You have expressed your feelings, calling me out at a time of surely too important a development in scope of influence. And this sentence, which I have heard and integrated, has done much to redirect our activities to a more limited scope that is much more suited to my abilities. I thank you for challenging me to this way.” His last chapter was surrounded by real recognition and strong appreciation of the young retiree, and the conclusion was this: “Sales assistant Nathalie told me recently that Sematec will not be the same without Francis. Even. I completely share that feeling.” Subsequently, the former heavy goods vehicle driver praised the qualities of his boss: “Serge is an outstanding business leader with undeniable human qualities.” Retired, Franjo devoted himself to his favorite hobby, hunting. And as a caring grandfather, he will keep a close eye on his two grandchildren, Nathan, 7 years old, and Luca, 1 year old.

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