Mulhouse Alsace volleyball: Isaline Sager-Weider, her sports career before returning to her roots

It's a big day for VMA, Volley Mulhouse Alsace. The women's team will play the semifinals of the French Cup against Chamalières this Tuesday at 8 p.m. In the quarter-finals, on February 13, they were defeated 3-0 against Marcq-en-Barœul in the North. From VMA, the center position is Isaline Sager-Weider (35). She is the “big sister” of the team with an atypical experience. A look back at this extraordinary career.

“When I was younger, I tried all the sports disciplines that existed with my brothers, but after a year of testing I was always bored,” she smiles. So when the center of volleyball hopes was opened in Mulhouse, when he was 13 years old, his mother suggested that he take the entrance exam. She is busy, “but I never thought about it becoming my job, I didn't even think it was possible,” she emphasizes.

“Moving never causes me stress”

She then joined ASPTT in Mulhouse before signing her first training contract, followed by numerous professional contracts. “I left Mulhouse at 24 because I wanted to have more playing time, more responsibility.” He would stay in Nancy for five years, then two years in Paris, a season in Cannes, Terville and even Nantes last year before returning to Haut-Rhin.

“All of this has given me a rather unusual ability to adapt; by constantly changing cities, we establish relationships very quickly because otherwise we remain alone,” she says. “You get used to how different clubs work,” and he also emphasizes that “moving never stresses me out, and I like meeting new people!”

Be a careerist and break the rules

But there is another side of the coin. “When you are a sportswoman at a high level, it is difficult to find someone who will follow you in your career, who will agree to be on the road every other weekend, in the European Cup during the week, for the national team for three to four months in the summer,” she explains. Isaline Sager-Weider says, “there have been a lot of failures at this level”.

The player decided to dedicate herself to her career. “I met very few teammates where their spouse accompanied them,” she says. She continues, “it is always difficult for a man to follow his wife in her career, more often she goes in a different direction, but she still tends to change.” “Women are more careerists than before, we are breaking down the social customs of 50 years ago,” she rejoices. For her, being a top athlete is “the only job that has an expiration date. You can experience that only once in your life, and now.”

An unpredictable return to basics

Now she says that she is personally and professionally fulfilled here in Mulhouse even though this return to her roots was not planned. “A few years ago, I almost unconsciously perceived it as a failure, now I see it more as an obvious fact.” Isaline Sager-Weider smiles when she talks about how “one evening I was able to go out to eat with my brother who lives in Colmar. I realized how much I missed such little things when I returned home.”

The 1m85 tall blonde also explains her desire to return to the place where she took her first volleyball steps because the VMA is “the best way to end her career”. Now she aims to win her first title before the end of her career by winning the Coupe de France with Mulhouses. She is also part of the French volleyball team and hopes to qualify for the 2024 Olympics.

The young woman plans to end her career at the end of the season or next year in order to become a coach and develop volleyball among everyone.

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