My career began in Carcassonne, says Evrard Dion Oulai

After Albi's victory over Carcassonne, we were able to meet the powerful Albigensian second tier Evrard Dion Oulai. The Ivorian international, who went through Bayonne, Montauban and Massy, ​​started his career as a professional rugby player in Carcassonne, agreed to answer a few questions for Vibrez Rugby.

Did this match against Carcassonne, in which you played for two seasons, have a special flavor for you?
It's always a special game to play against Carcassonne, that's where my whole career started, I lived in Carcassonne for two years so every time I play against Carcassonne it's a little bit special, so I try to do my best.

Is this a win that makes you feel good?
It's good for us because we needed points, those are two away games where we narrowly failed, and it's already been a month since we last played at our stadium, so we're glad to be back. , and to show our audience that we have a bad situation. control, especially since these points are really important. Carcassonne played good rugby tonight but we wanted more and we really wanted these points.

Greeting the public at the end of the meeting as well as the team, is that something important for the group?
It is very good for morale because we exist thanks to the public, and the club exists thanks to all the fans, so we do our best and try to bring them joy and all the happiness that the club can give. We are happy to celebrate the victory after the game, the crowd is enjoying it, us and the city.

What memories do you have of Carcassonne?
I would like to thank Robert de Colle, Jean Serasse and the Carcassonne club who helped me a lot and made me who I am and I will never forget that. Every time I play against Carcassonne, it's a pleasure and I'm happy to see all those people with whom I had a great time.

You still won't be sad about beating USC
No, I'm not sad, I'm even happy to win, it's always good to win against your old club, but it's also important to respect this club, even if I win, I respect this Carcassonne club.

Photo illustration by Jacques Massine

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