NBA: LeBron James reaches 40,000 points in his career, his incredible record in numbers

Simply legendary. LeBron James, 39 years old and still one of the best players in the League, just crossed the 40,000 point mark in his career. A performance that has never been achieved in the history of the National Basketball Association.

The Akron, Ohio native, the NBA's all-time leading scorer, built his record with incredible consistency. He performed throughout his career, which took him from Cleveland to Los Angeles and Miami. Here are some figures that illustrate the dominance of the Americans.

40,000 points: LeBron James achieves the unthinkable

Climbing Everest, reaching Olympus, these are achievements comparable to the performance achieved by the “Chosen One”. By reaching this career scoring mark Saturday night against Denver, LeBron James pushed the boundaries of the possible. Since the beginning of the season, the Los Angeles Lakers player has been chasing this brand, with the certainty that he will not resist it.

He is the best scorer in the history of the NBA in the regular part of the season, ahead of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 points), whom he surpassed in February 2023. It will be difficult to achieve an effect like LeBron James once a day. The American started his professional career at the age of 18, straight out of high school, which is now no longer allowed under League regulations.

27.13 career scoring average: Unprecedented consistency

Since his debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, “King James” has gone through seasons without his impact on the game diminishing. He has never finished a season with an average of less than 20 points in his career. Excluding his rookie season (20.9 ppg), he never completed a single practice under the 25-unit threshold per game.

The Lakers player, however, does not have the best points per game average of his career. He was overtaken by Michael Jordan (30.12), Wilt Chamberlain (30.07), Elgin Baylor (27.36) and Kevin Durant (27.18). But he's the only one to maintain that level of performance over such a long period of time, as he's currently in his 21st straight NBA season.

8023 points in the playoffs: the best here as well

In addition to being the leading scorer in regular season history, LeBron James is also in the playoffs. In this category, the four-time MVP far surpasses his runner-up: Michael Jordan and his 5,987 points. Even this time, the Chicago Bulls legend surpassed him in average points per game (33.44 for “MJ”, 28.45 for “King James”).

But it is not certain that LeBron James can increase his lead this season. The Los Angeles Lakers, ninth in the Western Conference, are not yet guaranteed to play in the NBA Finals this year.

10,838 assists: he shares the glory

Since his points are not enough, the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers is also the fourth best passer in the history of the regular season. Known for his altruism, he distills numerous caviars every week. His number of assists is unprecedented for a player who does not play strictly as a leader (even if he is the conductor of his teams).

In front of him on the list of the most productive passers are three clear leaders: Chris Paul (11,743 assists), Jason Kidd (12,091) and John Stockton (15,806). Otherwise, it seems unlikely that LeBron James will one day sit on the podium in the category. But his performance remains outstanding.

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