Netflix unveils its next sci-fi film with Jennifer Lopez and artificial intelligence, a new record in sight?

Trailer for Atlas, the Netflix sci-fi movie starring Jennifer Lopez - Netflix

Trailer for Atlas, the Netflix sci-fi movie starring Jennifer Lopez – Netflix

Did you love Jennifer Lopez in Mother? The actress is already preparing her return to Netflix. This time there will still be action, but we will also first of all dive into science fiction. Here is the trailer, release date and first information about the movie Atlas.

We are used to movies about good guys vs. Russians, good guys vs. aliens, or even good guys vs. zombies. Now humans may have found their new favorite common enemy: artificial intelligence, AI for short.

Either way, this is the fight Jennifer Lopez will be fighting in her next Netflix movie. In Atlas, whose release date is scheduled for May 24, 2024, we will follow JLo in the character of Atlas Shepherd, a slightly wild data analyst and not really a fan of artificial intelligence. Bad luck for her, in the middle of a mission to capture a robot that no longer listens to anything or anyone, but she will have to rely on this new technology to survive. And he'd better succeed because the future of humanity is in his hands, the trailer available at the top of the article warns us.

If JLo doesn't seem to be meeting many people on her adventure, she won't be alone in her choices. In addition to Jennifer Lopez and the evil robots, we will also find Sima Liu (Shang-Chi, Barbie…), Mark Strong (Kingsman, Shazam!, Murder Mystery 2…), Sterling K. Brown (This is Mi, American Fiction …), Abraham Popoola (Andor, Extraordinary, 2nd season to come…

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