NEWS AT NOON. Warning message while driving, controversy at Science Po, energy audit 2024… what to remember

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News of the day

the Stéphane Plaza affair. Heard on Tuesday 12 March at a free police hearing, Stéphane Plaza's questioning as part of the domestic violence investigation into which he is the subject continued this Wednesday 13 March – after spending the night in police station – in custody. regime.

The head of M6 has maintained, as he has since the start of the affair, that he was never to blame for the domestic violence that at least three of his former partners accuse him of, including two mutual lawsuits. According to him, he is the target of the cabal by these three women who could not bear to break up.

And also…

Driving warning message. From next July, all new cars approved by manufacturers in Europe must be equipped with a system to distract or detect driver fatigue, BFMTV reveals.

This system should warn the driver when he does not look at the road for more than 3.5 seconds at a speed of 50 km/h or more. Between 20 and 50 km/h it will take 6 seconds of inattention to receive this warning message. This detection will be possible day and night, and even when the driver is wearing a hat, sunglasses or false eyelashes.

The science student turned away from the amphitheater. On the occasion of the “European Day of Mobilization for Palestine” this Tuesday, March 12, pro-Palestinian activists blocked the Science-Po amphitheater in Paris. A young 20-year-old student who was brought back from the amphitheater testifies to this sad event.

The action was strongly criticized by the executive, especially by the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Sylvie Retailleau, who visited the site. In a press release, Sciences Po condemned the blocking of the amphitheater and assured that sanctions could be taken against the “intolerable actions” of these students.

What are you at risk if you are affected by a cyberattack on France Travail? If you've registered with France Travail over the last 20 years, you've certainly been affected by this cyberattack that would “potentially” affect the personal data of 43 million people.

Which people affected by this attack are at risk? According to France Travail, benefits, or unemployment benefits, are not threatened and those who are entitled to them will receive them in the following days: “This incident does not represent a risk for benefits,” the platform specifies. It is even still possible to access your personal space to regulate your situation.

Practical information

Energy audit 2024 The energy audit will be published soon. The Ministry of Economy and Finance has indeed announced the dates. And the precious sesame will be distributed between April 2 and May 15 to about 5.6 million French people, whose reference tax revenue (RFR) is less than 11,000 euros per consumption unit.

But according to Moneyvox, bad news awaits users. Namely, we already know the amount of the check, which will be the same as last year: it will vary between 48 and 277 euros depending on the composition of the household and income.

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