Nigel Owens admits he has a lot of regrets about his refereeing career

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Nigel Owens ended his refereeing career a few years ago. The last time he was on the whistle was for a match in Paris, at the match between France and Italy on November 28, 2020 as part of the Autumn Cup of Nations. This match was also his 100th international match refereed.

“I would like to end my career in a tournament match”

Nigel Owens has left behind a grueling career as an arborist, but he still has some regrets, as he confided in a column for Mail Online. This regret? He did not finish his career in a game in the 6 Nations tournament. For the Welshman, this competition has something special and truly represents the pinnacle of any rugby referee's career. He remembers the first match of the tournament he refereed like it was yesterday and he would like to end it in this competition. But fate will decide otherwise.

I've talked before about how refereeing a 6 Nations match makes you feel like you've succeeded as an international referee. Anyway, that's how I felt when I officiated my first game at the tournament in 2007. It was England-Italy, in Twickenham (…) I was a little nervous, but above all I was very proud.

(…) Twickenham is one of the stadiums where I enjoyed refereeing the most (…) I have a special memory of this first game. My dad, uncle and cousin were there to see me and support me, which meant a lot. I think it may have been the first time my father left Wales!! It is a very nice memory that is in my heart.

I admire the 6 Nations so much that I would like to end my career in a tournament match. It would be the perfect way to bow out. But that didn't happen because I played my 100th and last game in Paris for the Autumn Cup of Nations. But I would like to finish in the tournament.

To sum up

Nigel Owens ended his refereeing career a few years ago. He led his last match in November 2020 in Paris. Even if this career was hard, the Welshman has few regrets, which he admitted in the column.

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