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Hot in the NRL, Curtis Scott decided like other former NRL Bad Boys to switch to boxing. But her beginnings take time to organize.

With the league preventing him from returning to the NRL due to legal issues, Curtis Scott, 26, has decided to become a professional boxer. Scott has signed with No Limit (run by former King George Rose) and wants to make his first fight in March. However, the problem is that, despite numerous appeals by its promoter to the former or current thirteen members, not a single opponent has come forward. So in the columns of Fox Sports on March 13, Curtis Scott launched an appeal to all those who want to challenge him. And he used his favorite weapon to achieve his goals, provocation:

I'm the toast of the NRL. Now I'm focused on boxing and I want to see how far I can go in that area. It's frustrating not having an opponent. Especially since I know that many of them wanted to give me one not so long ago. And now that they were given the opportunity to do so, they all ran away.

I've seen a lot of negative comments about me on social media. But no one ever dared to say anything to his face. I'm not surprised, nowadays everyone is strong behind a keyboard or phone. There are many fighters, like Tevita Pangai Jr., that I could face. I'll let George manage and organize this.

Statements that certainly won't improve his image in the NRL, but might help him in his new career…

Controversial former NRL star is ready to make his boxing debut – but no one is calling…


— Fox League (@FOXNRL) February 4, 2024

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