one in three French people admits that they regret their career choice

Work: One in three French people admit to regretting their career choice (Credit: Getty Images)

Work: One in three French people admit to regretting their career choice (Credit: Getty Images)

Many French people regret their career choice. This was shown by a survey conducted by JobTeaser, a job search engine for students, which surveyed workers between the ages of 18 and 60. The result is clear and worrying for professional development: one in three French people regrets their career choice. This trend is even more pronounced among young people from generation Z (the generation born from 1997 to 2010). After barely stepping into working life, 40% of 18- to 27-year-olds say they would change jobs if they had it to do over again.

Low satisfaction, less than one in five young people are completely satisfied with the start of their professional life. “Only 18% of Z say they are very satisfied with their career. That is, less than 20% give their employer a 9 or 10 out of 10 in terms of job satisfaction!”, explains the study.

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But how to explain the younger generation's disillusionment with work? The first reason will not surprise anyone and undoubtedly all age groups would give the same answer. Among the main obstacles mentioned by young people, too low a salary justifies regret for 38% of respondents. More than a quarter of the surveyed young people cannot handle work-related stress (28%). The lack of emulation at work and corporate values ​​that are too far from their own also illustrate this feeling that they have chosen a path that is not theirs. “Members of Generation Z are critical of their employers. They are looking for a more fulfilling, dedicated career and greater freedom in their choices,” JobTeaser develops.

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Often criticized by their elders for their relationship with work and constant search for meaning in professional life, “young talents are not actually eternally dissatisfied. They simply set the cursor differently than their elders and value different selection criteria”. For 42% of them, the work they do must respect certain values ​​such as transparency, ethics, diversity or even respect for the environment. For every fourth young man, his professional activity must “suit” his skills, but also his personality (36%).

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