Oum launches his new album “Dakchi” in March – Danas Maroko

Oum El Ghaït Benessahraoui, aka Oum, is preparing to launch his new live album “Dakchi” in March 2024. He brings back the magic of his three main albums: “Soul of Morocco”, “Zarabi” and “Daba”.

Sensual-voiced singer-songwriter, Oum El Ghaït Benessahraoui, alias Oum, sets the tone. On March 22, she is preparing to launch her new live album titled “Dakchi”, which means “That” or “those things”. Filmed in Marrakech, this opus marks his fifteen-year career. “Dakchi dives back into the magic of his three flagship records, reimagined here in new lights. This new album is an opportunity for this daring off-road driver to allow herself a delayed moment, a moment of temporary assessment, to return to her roots and their ramifications”, say the record company Modulor. And he added: “It's the first best-of live album. He returns to the magic of his three main albums “Soul of Morocco” (2013), “Zarabi” (2015) and Daba (2019).

It is an expression of the typically Moroccan, African, Berber and Andalusian hybridization that fosters the crossbreeding of Oum. It is also the cheerful and natural fireworks of polyrhythms that galvanize his songs: the Marrakesh signature, playful, sunny, festive. It must be said that Oum already presented his new single “Lik” in Marrakech in January, which belongs to his new album. Addressing her fans, she wrote on her official Facebook page: “This song is magical.

I wrote it fifteen years ago and you've been singing it ever since. I still get thousands of your covers and watch millions of your streams. Without any hesitation, I offer you “Lik” as the first single from the album “Dakchi”. “Lik” today is more your song than my song.” To promote his new opus, the artist is preparing for a performance on April 23 and 24, 2024 at the Café de la Danse in Paris. He will also perform three concerts with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland next month. “I will perform, as a soloist, “Ahlan Wa Sahlan”, a piece of music that I wrote and composed together with the eminent composer John Psathas and the brilliant oud player Kyriakos Tapakis,” she announces.

An artist who develops between jazz and traditional music
Oum starts writing for the first time in Darija, a common Moroccan Arabic dialect. For her, it is the possibility of exploiting the new musicality of words, as well as new combinations of meanings, the entire poetry of assonance. In 2013, she surrounded herself with music stars to release her first international album, Soul of Morocco. The European public discovers a generous artist who achieves an unprecedented fusion of great authenticity. The concerts followed each other, allowing the united group to gain even more cohesion.

Two years later, Zarabi, filmed at the gates of the Sahara, deepens the aesthetic orientation preferred by Oum while conveying a discourse on the need to preserve nature and traditional micro-societies. With her third disc “Daba”, released in 2019, the singer reached a new milestone. She went to Berlin with her musicians to produce an atmospheric and dance record whose artistic direction was entrusted to the Palestinian poet, singer and oud player Kamilya Jubran. Oum positions herself once again as a Moroccan, an African and a secular woman convinced that cultural barriers weigh less than what can unite us.

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