Parental leave in the public service: duration, conditions and remuneration

What are the conditions for using parental leave in the civil service?

In the state, regional and hospital civil service, parental leave can be granted to civil servants after the birth or adoption of a child under the age of 16.

Parental leave can be used by one or the other parent or both at the same time.

Civil servants and trainees have the right to parental leave.

Can a contract worker use parental leave?

Fixed-term or indefinite-term workers can use parental leave. For this, they need a year of work experience on the day of the child's birth or on the day of the child's arrival in the home.

As for civil servants, parental leave can be granted to one or the other of the contractual parents or to both at the same time.

Parental leave, used since August 15, 2022, is taken into account for contractual workers, within 5 years, for the calculation of length of service or required effective length of service in the following cases:

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How to request parental leave when you are a civil servant?

An application for parental leave must be submitted by a civil servant or contract worker two months before the start of the leave.

No special formalities are required to submit this request. However, it is recommended that you send it to your superiors by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by hand delivery with your discharge.

The administration cannot refuse a request for parental leave.

How long does parental leave in the civil service last?

Leave is granted for a period of 2 to 6 months

Civil servants and contract workers benefit from parental leave, which is granted for periods of two to six months, with the possibility of renewal within certain limits.

Civil servants can start parental leave at any time during the period for which they are entitled to it. On the other hand, it must be taken continuously, without the possibility of splitting.

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The maximum duration of parental leave in the civil service varies depending on the number of children.

In case of birth or adoption of a child

Parental leave ends on the child's 3rd birthday. In case of adoption of one or two children, the longest duration of parental leave is three years from the day of arrival in the home.

And that if the child(ren) is less than three years old on this date or one year from the day of arrival in the home if he is more than three years old on this date.

In the case of the birth of two children

Parental leave lasts until the child goes to nursery in case of two births at the same time.

Extension of parental leave in case of birth of 3 children

Five extensions up to the child's 6th year are possible in case of simultaneous birth of three or more children. For the adoption of three or more children: five extensions are possible until the youngest child is 6 years old.

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In case of a new birth during parental leave

In case of a new birth or adoption during parental leave, the mother can use maternity or adoption leave. While the other parent has the right to three days of maternity or adoption leave as well as paternity leave.

Parental leave automatically ends on the day the mother or the other parent takes maternity, paternity or adoption leave.

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When to apply for the renewal of parental leave in the public service?

The request for extending parental leave is submitted at least one month before the current leave expires.

If such a request is not submitted within that period, the parental leave ends automatically.

What is the compensation for a civil servant on parental leave?

In the public service, parental leave is not paid. On the other hand, it is possible, under certain conditions, to receive joint child benefit (PreParE).

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The duration of the compensation payment depends on the number of children and the family situation of the civil servant or contract worker.

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What are the consequences of parental leave on the career of a civil servant?

Influence on promotion, training, retirement of public servants

Periods of parental leave:

  • Are periods of actual service.
  • They are considered for advancement in grade and grade within five years.
  • Enable civil servants to request specific training (training, preparation for civil service exams, etc.).
  • They are considered for pension within the limit of three years per child.
  • End with automatic reintegration into the administration or community of origin at the same workplace or job closest to the last place of work.

On the other hand, periods of parental leave in the civil service are not taken into account for internal promotion.

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Consequences for the performance of duties as a trainee civil servant

When establishing a trainee civil servant, half of the duration of his parental leave is taken into account in the calculation of the length of service retained for his classification and promotion.

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