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By Luis-Carlos Davila, Marie-Madeleine Montaut on March 6, 2024 Posted in Professional Training.

security💡 Big change for employers and training organizations!

From May 2023, the Prevention Passport is available in beta on your CPF space, offering first access to this innovation. Originally planned for 2024, its opening to employers and training organizations is now expected in 2025. This delay 🕒 aims to improve functionalities to better meet the needs of users, ensuring a transition towards a new approach to the prevention of occupational risks.

🛠️ What is a passport for prevention?

It is a tool established by the law of August 2, 2021 to centralize information on occupational health and safety training. It aims to simplify skills management, encourage information sharing and anticipate training update needs. Employers will thus be able to accurately and safely monitor the qualifications of their employees, contributing to a safer and more harmonious work environment.

🔍 What does this mean for employers and training organizations?

From 2025, they will be required to list health and safety training as a key step for the effectiveness of this system. A simulator will be available to ease this transition, allowing you to calmly prepare for this new commitment.

🌐 Colleagues, employers, in order to be informed and best prepared for this development, regularly consult the dedicated portal and discover how the Prevention Passport can transform professional risk management! 🛡️

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