Paul Pogba suspended for 4 years for doping, end of career?

Pogba admitted that he takes a nutritional supplement

The decision has come down and should make football fans react quickly: Paul Pogba, the 2018 world champion with the French team, will no longer step on the pitch for a long time. After an unexpected doping control during a match with his club, Juventus from Turin, on August 10, 2023, the verdict is final. Four years probation. Testosterone, a banned substance, was detected in his body. This four-year suspension, announced by the football authorities, marks a turning point in the career of the French international, who has been in great danger for several months.

After the positive test, Paul Pogba requested a new analysis of his sample at a laboratory in Rome, in the presence of experts selected by his lawyers. The results confirmed the results of the first test, triggering Italian legal proceedings through NADO, the anti-doping body. Counteranalysis then revealed the presence of DHEA, a different substance but with similar effects to testosterone. The player with 91 appearances for the French team admitted in front of Juve's medical staff and some of its managers that he had consumed a nutritional supplement recommended by a doctor friend in Miami, where he regularly spends his vacation.

Already shaken by injuries and the “Pogba” affair.

The suspension not only results in a prolonged absence from the field, but also a significant loss in terms of advertising contracts and sponsorships. A huge loss of earnings for the player, but also a strong message to the world of football: no one is untouchable. Especially since the French midfielder has benefited from a strong marketing image. Paul Pogba was already suspended as a precaution from 11 September 2023.

What is the future of Paul Pogba? At the age of 30, a four-year suspension is a real blow to his career. Especially since the former Manchester United player had already been in a lot of trouble for a few months before this positive test for testosterone. He has been badly hit by injuries since his return to Juventus in 2022, causing him to miss the 2022 World Cup with France in Qatar. In addition, the player was embroiled in a blackmail affair orchestrated by his own brothers. That situation has already cast a shadow over his reputation, putting him in the spotlight for reasons away from the football field. Juventus said “take note” these decisions. Barring an incredible twist, the illustrious career of Paul Pogba, the scorer of the third goal in the 2018 World Cup final against Croatia, appears to be over.

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