PHOTOS I can't wait for Sunday: Serge Lama ends his career with Michel Drucker, young wife Luana by his side

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February 11, 2024 marks a turning point for Serge Lama fans. The singer is Michel Drucker's guest that day in “Vivement Dimanche”, on France 3. And he will say goodbye to his audience because he has decided to retire.

PHOTOS Can't wait for Sunday: Serge Lama's last public appearance, his young wife Luana by his side

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After putting Hugues Aufray in the spotlight on February 4, 2024, Michel Drucker welcomed a new celebrity guest to his famous red sofa. This Sunday, February 11, 2024, France 3 viewers will have the pleasure of seeing Serge Lama in his flagship show.

Sundays follow one another, but they are not the same on the set of Vivement Dimanche. Each week Michel Drucker is pleased to welcome one person to Studio Gabriel. And on January 23, it was Serge Lama who honored him and responded positively to his invitation. The 80-year-old singer did not accept by chance. Today, the day the show airs, he will celebrate his 81st birthday. And then he decided to say goodbye to his audience.

Retirement for Serge Lama

Serge Lama actually made the decision to retire, because he can no longer go on stage. Now it is difficult for him to speak standing up and he does not want to do it sitting down, out of respect for the audience. “I refuse to show the public something they don't come for. I saw singers, great, singing for the last time sitting down. I thought it was very, very ugly. It hurt me a lot. Trenet especially .. Reggiani, as if walled up in a cage, could not nothing. They brought him on stage. It's the work of life, it's the work of momentum, so you have to do it as much as possible. That we can do it, “he confided to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine at the end of January, in C à vous (France 5 ).

At the farewell, Serge Lama was of course surrounded by Michel Drucker, but also by his wife Luana Santonino. Both presented themselves as accomplices as you can discover below our slideshow.

The artist also announced in C à vous that Roger Federer will be present. The athlete he admires and to whom he dedicated his song Le Geste de Roger Feder.

This Roll on Sunday promises to be touching for Serge Lama, but also for people who have followed him for many years.

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