Pierre Arditi confides in his character, which has played him at times in his career

Studio guestAs an aside this Thursday, March 14, Pierre Arditi, known for his openness, spoke about his ferocity that could play out in his career.

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This Thursday, March 14, for the latest issue of the magazineAs an aside of the week on Canal +, was won by Nathalie Lévy Pierre Arditi currently showing in Children's room by Pierre Arditi which is currently playing at La Pépinière Théâtre until April 24. Although originally invited last fall, Pierre Arditi had to cancel his participation for health reasons. The 79-year-old actor suffered from the disease twice in September and December last year. However, he wanted to make sure of his health: “I'm very well. I'm wearing shoes and I'm not standing very straight, but that has nothing to do with the disease I may have had, but which is actually one: old age. I try to give a lie even that I'm not standing straight when I play.”

Pierre Arditi confides his ferocity: “I'm relatively cured”

In addition to being an exceptional actor, Pierre Arditi is also known for his characteristic openness. Asked about his “bad faith” in the words of Nathalie Lévy, Pierre Arditi talked about his ferocity, which sometimes played tricks on him in his career: My fierceness could not always serve as truth. I have relatively recovered. Which takes nothing away from my deep convictions. My ferocity, I haven't turned it off, but still in a range that's less violent, less Manichean.”

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Pierre Arditi narcissistic? “I couldn't bear not to be loved anymore”

Asked about the fact that his ferocity could deprive him of certain roles, Pierre Arditi openly answered: “I do not knowhe admitted. There are people who said: 'Why is he saying that? Why does he say that?' You can't please everyone. But I calmed down on the outside so that those in front of me would accept me more easily. I'm such a narcissist that obviously I couldn't stand not being loved anymore. Jouvet himself said: 'When you want to become an actor, you first want others to love and watch you'.”

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