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This February 26, Florent Peyre will be part of the cast of the new TF1 TV movie, “Le Nounou”. An opportunity to learn more about him.

Florent Peyre is therefore the headliner, alongside Booder and Gérémy Crédeville, of the TV movie Le Nounou. But what do you know about the brown charm discovered at Laurent Ruquier a few years ago?

Where is Florent Peyre from?

In Valence, in the Drôme, Florent Peyre was born on May 14, 1980. But then he grew up in Saint-Péray, in the Ardèche. “I grew up in the countryside, very close to nature. I made up funny stories and argued with my friends. I made my family laugh. I was very happy and loved,” he told Magic Maman.

Florent Peyre lived in Saint-Raphaël, in the south, until he was in his twenties, and then enrolled in sports studies at the Pôle France Nautique Ski of CREPS. He then began training at the cultural center in Saint-Raphaël before going to Paris for the Cours Florent and returning south to the regionally influential Conservatoire in Marseille.

How did Florent Peyre get started?

After some discreet performances, Florent Peyre became famous in 2010 in the show On n'demande qu'en riz hosted by Laurent Ruquier on France 2. He remained there until 2014.

Since then, he has staged three plays: One Man Show, Tout Public ou pas and Nature. He acted on TV Papa ou Maman, Le fil d'Ariane with Chantal Ladesou or even Commissariat central, César Wagner… As for cinematography, he started in 2017 in Raid Dingue by Dany Boon, then he played in Mission Pays basque or Ducob 3. ..

What do we know about Florent Peyre's private life?

The 43-year-old actor has been in a relationship since 2012 with Virginie Stref, also an actress. In 2017, they became the parents of a little boy named Marius. A small family lives in Paris and loves ecology very much.

“In my daily life, about ten years have already passed that my wife and son and I have changed a lot of things, starting with more scooters, more airplanes than trains, bicycles (… ) Afterwards I won't forbid myself from going on vacation abroad. I'm talking that we don't need to stop everything. We have to do it little by little, so that it becomes part of our habits. For me, for example, I haven't bought a plastic bottle for 5-6 years. Also, you can open our refrigerator, there's not even a trace of plastic in it anymore. when I open it, I see only local and seasonal vegetables, only local dishes, only glass Tupperware..,” Journal des Femmes confided.

What disorder did Florent Peyre suffer from?

In 2022, the comedian was a guest on the Chez Jordan show and admitted that he suffered from hypochondriacal disorders. “At one point on stage I had attacks of hypochondria. Namely, while I was playing I was able to say to myself: 'I'm dying'. I played many times saying to myself: 'I'm having a stroke' because I had pain in my left arm and I felt seems to lose some of the tension.”

Fortunately, more fear than harm, Florent Peyre emphasized that he got out of this obsessive disorder with the help of experienced professionals, “For the first time I met a psychologist who helped me a lot, and above all I discovered meditation. (…) To give hope to all the hypochondriacs on the planet: it can be cured!”

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