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An important actor of French cinema, Pierre Niney celebrates his 35th birthday this March 13. An opportunity to look back on his professional rise and family life, far from Paris. We tell you everything!


Actor, director and screenwriter, Pierre Niney has shown a certain ease in navigating French cinema since his debut on the big screen in 2008. With (already) more than 25 films under his belt, the actor has built a solid career. award and carried by the love of his wife and two children. This March 13, he celebrates his 35th birthday. What do you need to know about him?

Latest information on Pierre Niney

What are Pierre Niney's movies?

Before seeing the actor on the big screen, Pierre Niney tried his hand at the theater. Through the Comédie Française from 2010 to 2015, he built a career step by step that he is proud of today. In an interview given to YouTuber Hugo Décrypte, Pierre Niney states: “I started, I learned my trade in theater. I really learned patience because I didn't have leading roles all the time. Right away. There were 10 years, from 16 to 26, where I didn't have a leading role , I worked
small roles in TV movies, small roles in the theater.” The Parisian's persistence later led him to more significant roles.

His filmography includes films such as 20 Years Gap, Five, An Ideal Man, OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa or Save or Perish and recently Masquerade in which he starred alongside Isabelle Adjani. A dream that he himself realized and fulfilled in the same interview: “Isabelle Adjani, I've dreamed of filming with her all my life and now it happened. She's in Masquerade. We have incredible scenes together and I was more than in heaven.” The look full the admiration that an actor has for an actress!

Pierre Niney will play Edmond Dantès in The Count of Monte Cristo alongside Vassili Schneider, Laurent Lafitte, Anaïs Desmoutier and even Patrick Mille and Bastien Bouillon. This film, which promises to get people talking, is scheduled for release on June 28, 2024, although it was supposed to take place on December 11, 204.

“I have made films that have breath, but this one is still special. I believe that we are dealing with a book that speaks to millions of people around the world. It has been enormously translated and known in many countries, and it has left a mark on people because I believe that they are actually the strongest stories in cinema, stories of nightmarish revenge”, said the actor at the microphone of RTL.

What were his rewards?

Pierre Niney's charisma and acting talent in films like I Love to Watch Girls and Jalil Lespert's Yves Saint Laurent opened the door to the César. During his speech in 2015, when he won the César for best actor for a biopic about the late designer, he said: “I had the opportunity to grow up with this kindness and it allowed me to dream, that “I've had dreams since I was little and this evening be in front of you. We need these young people in France who dream and we need to give them resources.”

Pierre Niney has been nominated for a César several times for I Like Watching Girls, Frantz and Boite noire. Among other awards, he was crowned at the Cabourg Festival, Globes de Cristal and Sarlat Film Festival.

Personal life: wife and children (and where he lives)

Apart from this career that brings him fame, money and notoriety, Pierre Niney also knows how to take a step back and in this busy lifestyle he managed to build a family life. He is in a relationship with Natasha Andrews, an Australian photographer with whom he has lived since 2008, the mother of his two daughters, Lola (born 2007) and Billie (born 2019).

The small family decided to lead their life away from the Parisian everyday life. In an interview given to Psychologies magazine, Pierre Niney revealed that he did not live in the Paris region by choice: “I live in a place where there is no one around me, I have unlimited time, until exhaustion, to read books, watch movies, lose myself in a story.. . I love doing it so much!”

On March 13, Pierre Niney can count on numerous gifts for his 34th birthday, including from his wife, who left him a message full of love, nostalgia and irony on her Instagram profile: “Happy birthday to my favorite fish. You are the funniest, kindest, the smartest, dreamiest, most serious (and sometimes boring) dad, animal whisperer, and sexiest baby I've ever met. No one wears a suit as well as you. PS: I promise to stop pestering you while you're eating this year.”

Proof of this is that the couple is an accomplice in their campaign with their daughters as well as on the red carpet!

Pierre Niney reveals his origins; He's Belgian!

While the third season of LOL: Who's Laughing is available starting March 10 on Amazon Prime, the information has netizens questioning the identity of Pierre Niney: is he Belgian? The announcement was revealed during an interview with L'Obs in which the actor found himself facing Virginie Efira, another candidate for the new season. He posts: “We are both Belgian. I told him I am Belgian today. My mother was born in Belgium, I consider myself half Belgian.” A confirmation that seems to have excited many fans and added new information to Pierre Niney's long resume.

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