Repeat winners reign at the Regional Science Bowl

Continuation of the series and a new beginning

Joaquin Miller High School turned in a stellar performance, staying on top of their group all day. Walia, a science teacher at Joaquin Miller, said the “most mesmerizing moment” was watching both Joaquin Miller teams compete against each other in the quarterfinal and final games. Team 1 took first place and team 2 took second place overall.

Walia attributes the team's success to their disciplined yet collaborative outlook.

“The students supported and helped each other. They worked hard and had confidence in their knowledge of science, math, comprehension and critical thinking skills,” said Walia, who also notes that the support of school administrators, parents and high school mentors was strong. . required to achieve this milestone.

For the first time, SLAC hosted a full field of 28 teams at the high school event, which was managed by Carmen Lau, regional coordinator at SLAC, and Greg Ng, regional co-coordinator at SLAC.

“We are pleased to have the maximum number of teams participating in this year's high school competition,” said Lau, outreach program officer at SLAC. “It was great to meet the coaches and students in person. I could really feel the enthusiasm and passion of the teams on the day of the competition!”

This increase in interest brought in 11 new teams from seven schools, including the high school Good Sport Award winners, Warren E. Hyde Team 1.

Their coach Wenya Lang is an intensive care nurse, hospital coordinator and parent of students on the team. This year she started the Science Bowl Club at Warren E. Hyde High School. From the beginning, she wanted the students to learn communication and human skills along with book smarts.

“I started this team not only for the kids to develop knowledge, but also to teach them to be kind and responsible people,” Lang said.

During the competition, this was transferred to teammates who unconditionally encouraged each other, as well as a friendly attitude towards other teams.

“Even though the kids didn't make it to the finals in the afternoon, I'm happy for them because they did their best and everyone was very positive,” Lang said. “I really appreciate that SLAC gave all these students the opportunity to learn academics and teamwork, and I also appreciate the volunteers who have been so supportive.”

A total of 120 volunteers supported middle school and high school events. The SLAC Cares Ray Ng Science Bowl Volunteer Award was presented to Marc Davidson at the high school event and Andrew Jin at the high school event to recognize these volunteers' dedication to SLAC's values ​​of excellence, integrity, collaboration, respect and creativity. Both returning volunteers are also Science Bowl alumni: Davidson, who has volunteered at the SLAC regional event since 2013, participated in Minnesota during high school. Jin, who has been volunteering since 2022, attended Illinois throughout middle and high school.

Mihir Singhal was also recognized for volunteering in support of the SLAC Practice Day event in January, which gave students the opportunity to practice in person to prepare for the event.

DOE's Office of Science administers the National Science Bowl and sponsors the finals of the competition.

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