Retirement due to a long career: collective work is not yet included

Mixed satisfaction. In the 1980s, if you did collective activity work (TUC) or even certain traineeships for which the state paid contributions (introductory courses to professional life, courses for young volunteers, etc.), these periods count towards your pension. This measure, which has been requested for years, came into force on 1 September 2023. In particular, you now confirm a quarter of your pension for 50 days worked under the TUC or these internships.

Good news for more than a million policyholders who went through these systems during their youth. Be careful, though, because these quarters are called “assimilated.” A qualification that is very important for retirement during a long career. As a reminder, this system allows you, for example, to stop working at the age of 62 if you started working before the age of 20, or more precisely if you paid four or five quarters (depending on your date of birth) before the end of your service. the calendar year of your 20th birthday.

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According to the referral to the State Council?

an issue? The quarters that are taken into account in this calculation to determine whether you have a “long career” or not are what are called “contributions” and not what are called “assimilated” quarters. Therefore, those obtained under the TUC are not included in the calculation and many of these insured persons may be deprived of early retirement. “70% of TUCs (workers who have carried out TUCs, editor's note) could require a long career because originally this job was reserved for those under 20 years old,” estimates Yves Coussement of the Tuc-lesoublis association. It's completely absurd!” Therefore, he requests that these periods be included in the method of calculation, in order to enable those workers who started working young to retire earlier.

To be heard, the association submitted an official request to the state to change the nature of the allocated apartments and to consider them “contributory”. “We just need to amend the decree so that these quarters are considered contributions. So far, the state has only done half of the work,” laments Yves Coussement. He does not intend to stop there with the association. In the absence of an answer or if the government refuses to change the rule, it already warns that it will refer the matter to the Council of State to amend the regulatory texts on retirement.


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An approach that is not fully established

Another problem, former “TUC” also face difficulties in confirming their apartments. One clarification here: if you are concerned, it is up to you to do so transfer the process online, on the dedicated page. If you don't, those periods will never be counted. Even if you do what is necessary and provide all the required supporting documents, there are still some roadblocks. “I should be able to retire on April 1, but my TUC quarters haven't arrived yet,” says Yves Coussement. I might have to wait until August 1 to leave,” he is afraid.

“Since October, instructions have been given to process “urgent” files while waiting for the IT tool to fully integrate this new feature,” the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) wants to reassure. He recommends, even for more distant departures, that you already request the registration of these appointments online.

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