Salary: 10 Best Paying Student Jobs in 2024

Large distribution, hotels and restaurants… With holding Olympic Games in Paris 2024, opportunities for people looking for “odd jobs” will increase. And the event, which will highlight the recruitment challenges for companies, will also force them to be more generous in terms of rewards. Currently, according to a StaffMe study that we are exclusively revealing this Monday, February 5, offers posted on the platform, which provides access to one-off missions offered by 12,000 companies, pay an average of €16.90 per hour. Amount up to 10% during one year.

The increase in income should continue, assures Jean-Baptiste Achard, co-founder of StaffMe. “Companies, who want to not miss any opportunity in 2024 with the Olympic Games, will have no choice but to increase their fees to make them as attractive as possible. Some facilities tell us that they are willing to pay their servers an average of 30 euros per hour this summer, compared to 18 euros last July,” the manager illustrates.


Salary: Your purchasing power will finally increase in 2024

The highest paying web developer job in 2024

To identify good deals, StaffMe has selected the 10 most profitable student jobs in 2024. This is the job web developer which takes first place, with an average hourly wage of 34 euros. At the bottom of the table, the article writer mission allows you to earn an average of 20.90 euros per hour, or 4 euros more than the average observed across the entire platform, regardless. Note that this is actually data pulled from offers posted between January 1 and December 31, 2023 on StaffMe. But it is still a very good indicator as the trend seen last year should continue or even strengthen in 2024.

Although salary is an important criterion, it is not the only one to consider when looking for a job. Logically, to increase your chances of finding a “small job” you need to target the jobs that are hiring the most. To help you identify them, StaffMe has also singled out 10 one-off jobs that need the most help. And to give you an idea of ​​the compensation you can expect, the platform also reports the average hourly wage for each of these recruiting professions. If “the supply and demand for jobs differ every year”, the trend for 2023, with a great need for employment in large stores, “should continue for 2024”, as “the holding of the Olympic Games in France will continue to deepen ​​” the gap between the available workforce and the needs of traders”, analyzes Jean-Baptiste Achard.

“Student jobs”… which actually aren't anymore

Another big trend emerging from the StaffMe study is that a new profile of workers looking for small jobs is emerging: the profile of “classic” employees, who are therefore looking they work several jobs to supplement their income. In addition to the 1.2 million students registered on the platform, the share of active workers who are already employed in the total number of StaffMe users has increased from 2% in 2021 to 9% in 2023. “Initially developed to give young people access to flexible jobs, we see that profiles evolve with inflation. Today, we no longer only target students, but also young professionals, workers who often do low-skilled jobs or part-time workers who want to finance their daily life in a different way,” explains Jean-Baptiste.Achard.

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