Salary: How Much Does a Data Scientist Make?

Mathematician, statistician, coder, data scientist is a bit of everything at the same time. The occupation is still young, but recruiters are already looking for more candidates. Knowing, predicting and interpreting data is a huge growth lever for a company, and a data scientist has become a very valuable resource today. There are many sectors that are in demand: industry, healthcare, finance, energy… And of course, technology! But profiles with the right skills are rare.

Broadly speaking, data science involves a company using data to create business value. At the intersection of mathematics and code, a data scientist creates statistical, mathematical and deep learning models dedicated to the collection and analysis of so-called “big data” – the amount of raw information stored in a company's data warehouses.

Influence on company decisions

From this raw data, he collects and cleans information from various sources, which could be of interest to his management when making decisions through the interpretation of this data. He also makes recommendations to influence his employer's strategy and operations. His position, which gives him real decision-making power, is generally at the center of the company's activities.


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A data analyst takes care of a specific type of data, while a data scientist has a cross-functional perspective. Unlike a pure statistician who uses classic database management tools, they are able to imagine and develop new algorithms and technologies to go further in processing complex analytical problems.

The company Netflix is ​​known for successfully using big data to improve its business: it analyzes the patterns (“data models”) of viewing its content to understand what arouses the most interest of users, in order to decide what kinds of series it should produce.

Up to 7,000 euros gross for the most experienced profiles

In an early 2024 salary study conducted by the Data recruitment site among 1,500 data scientist profiles in Île-de-France, the average salary for a young graduate is €3,500 gross per month, with an average increase of 7.3% per year at the start of your career (about +5% per year of promotion for 4 to 12 years of experience). Income then ranges from 4,500 to 6,000 euros gross per month. And up to 7000 for the most experienced profiles, rare elements on the market. Since data is a more strategic element in large companies, the size of the company is an influential factor in determining salary.


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