Salary: how much does a speech therapist earn?

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– Salary: how much does a speech therapist earn?

Speech therapist is a health profession. Its purpose is to assess the patient's written and oral abilities in order to eliminate certain disorders during rehabilitation sessions. Treatment of communication difficulties, written language or speech, can be carried out at all ages. The speech therapist will adapt his session to each patient.

According to 2019 figures from Drees (Directorate for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics), almost 97% of speech therapists are women. The profession requires listening skills, teaching skills and broad knowledge depending on the reason for the consultation (grammar, mathematics, psychology, etc.). The vast majority of speech therapists work in private practices (85%), but they can also be present in hospitals, then we are talking about hospital speech therapists (department of pediatrics, neurology, etc.) or in health and social institutions (IME or homes for the elderly). , For example).

What is the average salary of independent speech therapists?

Located in the doctor's office, self-employed speech therapists will charge for patient consultations in fees. The fee will vary depending on the number of patients and the speech therapist's hours. However, the speech therapist will have to pay social security contributions according to his salary.

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According to FNO (National Federation of Speech Therapists), the average annual net income of a speech therapist working in a private office is 34,000 euros. Or an average monthly net income of 2,833 euros. In January 2024. the prices of speech therapy procedures increased by 4% cope with inflation. This increase has a slight upward impact on the total salary of self-employed speech therapists.

What is the compensation for speech therapists in the public hospital service?

In the hospital public service, speech therapists are agents category A. They will be paid according to a index network. The profession is divided into two categories grades : speech therapist of normal class and speech therapist of higher class. Within these grades, there are steps that change according to seniority, to which an index is attached, which determines the index salary (equivalent to the salary in the civil service).

According to the index scale announced by the FNO, for the “normal class”, the compensation starts at 2,102.03 euros gross (step 1). At the last, eleventh level, the gross index salary is 3,578.86 euros per month.

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According to a website specialized in employment in the civil service, Employment-Communities, for a rating higher than the “normal class”, called the “higher class” speech therapist, the compensation is higher at the end of the career, reaching 3,785.62 euros gross (level 9). However, access to a higher class depends on seniority and hospitals have quotas that limit access to this class. The salaries of these civil servants are accompanied by bonuses and allowances (tenure, monthly work allowance, management bonus, etc.).

What is the fee for speech therapists in medical and social centers?

A speech therapist can also have the status of an employee, work in a private polyclinic, IME, nursing home, etc. The compensation therefore varies depending on the type of institution where the health staff works. Therefore, he or she will depend on:

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  • of the national collective labor agreement for institutions and services for handicapped persons and persons with disabilities dated March 15, 1966 (CCN66),
  • or of the national collective agreement for private non-profit institutions for hospital treatment, nursing, treatment and day care of October 31, 1951 (CCN51).

According to FNO, “young graduates start with a salary of less than 2000 euros gross. At the end of his career, in the private sector, a speech therapist will earn less than 3,000 euros net per month. For CCN51, a basic salary of 2,230.46 euros gross, to which must be added a seniority bonus of 1% per year.

For speech therapists working in institutions covered by CCN66, the collective agreement provides for a gross salary of 1,705.62 euros (level 1), which can rise after 28 years of service to 2,994.66 euros gross per month (bonuses and allowances are added to this salary regulated by the collective agreement ).

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