Salary: How much does an air traffic controller make?

The guarantor of air traffic and crew safety, air traffic controllers have a great responsibility. Qualified as “air traffic control engineers” by the law of 31 December 1989, they provide constant surveillance of air traffic to avoid any incidents. Their analytical skills are key.

These officials ensure the regulation and flow of traffic according to weather conditions, indicate to pilots whether they can land or take off, etc. Since this occupation is a public service, their minimum income is regulated index grids. At the same time, there are formations within the army that are not covered by this article. Salary, to be exact “treatment” it depends rank and echelon air traffic controller.

What is the compensation for air traffic controllers?

This allowance therefore varies depending on the seniority of the air traffic controller. First of all, since the study at the National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) is paid, the air traffic control engineer student will earn a monthly gross salary of 1604.83 euros. For trainee engineers, this fee is slightly higher, i.e. 1,673.75 gross per month.

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Then the compensation changes according to the status and designated class of the air traffic controller. For the “normal class” the gross compensation starts from 1,944.50 euros and can rise up to 2,840.44 euros per month.

For so-called “divisional” air traffic controllers, the fee is higher. This status is available after nine years of work as a first controller. The salary is between EUR 2,047.88 and EUR 4,110.52 gross per month.

At the end of the career, the controller can have the rank of chief air navigation control engineer with a minimum gross salary between 3199.81 euros and 4809.56 euros, depending on the degree.

In addition to this fixed fee, bonuses may be added, including a commitment bonus. To avoid a strike during the 2024 Olympics, a negotiated bonus increase, which will be between 1.5% and 4.6%, has been reached for four trades of civil aviationincluding air traffic controllers.

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