Salary: how much does the scientific police earn?

Within the various bodies of the national police, there are particularly active bodies (policemen) and scientific police corps. National police officers are civil servants. Thus, the profession is categorized into classes. Moving to the next grade it is possible through internal promotion or requires passing a civil service exam.

Ranks and echelons of the scientific police

The ranks of the science police are alone divided into levels, which automatically develop according to the agent's seniority. Each level is associated with an index that allows determination index processing police officer (in the amount of public service salary). This index treatment determines the fixed remuneration of civil servants to which bonuses are added.

The tasks of technical and scientific police technicians and engineers differ depending on the body, its inclination and specialty. They can work in a police station, in a forensic laboratory or in a state forensic service. However, in the national police, it is not the service that determines the salary, but the rank. This article will mention the Corps of Forensic Engineers and the Corps of Forensic Technicians.

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There was also a third body, that of specialized technical and scientific police agents (ASPTS). But he has not recruited since March 2021. Those active agents are gradually being integrated into the forensic technician corps. The criminal police technician now represents the first level of integration into the scientific police.

Corps of Scientific Police Engineers (IPTS)

Technical and scientific police engineers (category A public services) have the task of detecting perpetrators of criminal acts or criminals using evidence collected at the scene of the commission of a criminal act or crime. For example :

  • fingerprints,
  • toxicology,
  • ballistic analysis etc.

They particularly help the judicial police, gendarmerie or also Interpol, for example. In addition to these missions, there are also numerous administrative tasks.

The engineer will be responsible for the supervision of the forensic science service and the management of the laboratory. There are three grades within this body: engineer, chief engineer and chief engineer. Depending on the class and degree, the salary varies.

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Fees of forensic engineers

According to national police website, at the beginning of his career, a national police engineer will earn 2714 euros net per month (level 1, group 1) to reach a compensation of 5475 euros net per month at the end of his career as a chief engineer (step 6HEA3 , group 1). Chief engineers can rise to the titles of head of department and director of police and scientific laboratories, which increase their remuneration.

Remuneration of Scientific and Technical Police Engineers (IPTS) at the beginning of their career

In detail, the scientific-technical police engineer starts with 1,944 euros (1st step) gross index salary according to index network he shared Snippet, the independent national union of technical and scientific administrative employees of the national police. Bonuses are added to this amount. At level 10, the highest grade, an engineer can earn 3,337.64 euros gross per month, without bonuses.

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Compensation of Senior Forensic Technical Police Engineers (IPPTS)

The higher degree of scientific and technical police engineer, level 1 starts at 2,756.76 euros gross, excluding monthly bonuses and can be increased up to 4,066.22 euros (level 8).

Compensation of Chief Engineers of the Forensic Technical Police (ICPTS)

The highest grade in the body of scientific police engineers, remuneration starts at 3337.64 euros according to the index scale and can rise to 4809.56 euros at the end of the career (special level).

Corps of forensic technicians

The second body of the technical and scientific police, the body of technicians (category B civil service). Under the supervision of an engineer (IPTS), they carry out various analytical missions as well as tests and investigations of evidence. They can also have service management missions.

The tasks of the technicians differ depending on the service they work in (forensic identification service, IT and technological traces service, etc.). Just like an engineer, they have to write management reports. There are three ranks in this corps: technician, chief technician and chief technician.

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Fees of scientific and technical police technicians (TPTS)

According to the index scale shared by the Snipat union, level 1 starts at 1,836.20 euros gross and can rise to 2,500.77 euros gross for the last level of the class, step 13.

Remuneration of technicians of the Main Scientific and Technical Police (TPPTS)

A technical and scientific police technician can be appointed to the title of chief technician by promotion or professional examination. Level 1 starts with 1,850.97 euros gross per month up to 2,653.38 euros gross (level 12), excluding bonuses and extras.

Remuneration of senior technical and scientific police technicians (TCPTS)

As their career progresses, a senior technician may also advance to the next grade; chief technician. The gross salary (without bonus) starts at 1,954.34 euros gross, and at the highest level, 13, the gross monthly compensation amounts to 2,914.29 euros.

Bonuses and fees in the scientific police

Bonuses and allowances are added to the fixed salary, for example, depending on the place of deployment in Île-de-France, the compensation is higher for officers of the national police than in other regions. The area of ​​assignment, zone 1 or zone 2, will also affect the salary.

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Other bonuses are specific to scientific police officers, such as the ISS PTS, which is a special compensation for the difficulties of scientific and technical police. This ISS PTS fee varies by agent rank.

According to a arrested on 28.07.2023for a technician of the technical and scientific police, this fee is 320 euros per month, and it can rise to 610 euros for a chief engineer of the technical and scientific police.

There are other bonuses, this list is not exhaustive. Scientific police officers also benefit from the Technical and Scientific Police Allowance (IPTS). The amount of this fee is determined by the position and/or certain functions.

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