Second outdoor career

Sépaq is often synonymous with vacation. What if it's also the perfect place for a new career path? Discover the story of three employees who found their true nature in the heart of the forest.
It's not uncommon to rethink your job halfway through your career. Or to reconsider after the first honeymoon years of retirement. Is it because you want to feel useful? Contribute to a project related to his values? To improve the quality of your life, your income? The motivations behind a second career can be multiple.

At the Société des establishments de plein air du Québec (Sépaq), we firmly believe that it is possible to retrain professionally while enjoying life… and nature. That's why we offer flexible jobs in the most beautiful areas of Quebec and within caring and multigenerational teams — as demonstrated by Denis, Esther and Lyne.


Denis Rondeau made a career as a cutter before becoming an industrial upholsterer. Then one day he realized that his heart was no longer in him. A lover of hunting and fishing, he found himself in an outdoor lounge, where he met the director of the Mastigouche wildlife reserve. Very soon he was offered to join Sépaq – in other words, to combine his “wooden” temperament with his passion for nature. From ranger for the Saint-Maurice wildlife reserve to sector manager for the Laurentides, this bon vivant and family man has managed to chart his own path over the past 12 years. He even became responsible for the Sépaq stand at hunting and fishing fairs. At the dawn of the fifties, Denis contemplates the cycle of seasons in the Laurentian Mountains from his office. “Working here is not a job. It's a lifestyle! » he says visibly satisfied.


After twenty years of working as a technopedagogue at TÉLUQ University, Esther Dorval retired with the firm intention of continuing to move. “I wanted to experience something different,” explains the 68-year-old woman. First, she and her husband traveled to the American Midwest in a caravan. She then settled in the countryside in the Chaudières-Appalaches region. Then she saw a job offer from Sépaq on Facebook that said “Pensioners welcome”: that was the trigger. A few weeks later, Esther was working as a field operations assistant at Frontenac National Park, near her home. The tasks are varied, and contact with the public is privileged. Above all, it is the place where Esther likes to camp with her granddaughter to pass on her love of nature and movement.


Lyne Alain worked for 31 years in healthcare, as a user assistant, then as an occupational therapy and physiotherapy technician. When repetitive tasks and a harsh climate overwhelmed her motivation, the 55-year-old resident of Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval found a position as an activities manager at the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve. Then she became the guardian of the territory. She did not even have to change her pension plan: therefore she was not penalized by her departure from the health sector. “It was the right decision, at the right time,” explains Lyne, happy to have put her experience and wisdom of fifty years to good use. Today, hunters and fishermen face all kinds of challenges with their colleagues. He has fun at work every day, but without the pressure of the past.

Social network in nature

For many employees, working at Sépaq is a bit like joining a new social network, but in a different way. There they meet multi-generational people, transfer their knowledge and build lasting connections with customers and colleagues, far from technology. “We're like a little family,” illustrates Lyne Alain talking about her team. In fact, at the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve, employees often stay at the end of the day to do a little fishing or gather around the fire… to get to know their sector and the people who care for it better.

10 good reasons to work in Sépaq

With the dedication of its team, Sépaq highlights the territories and public goods entrusted to it and ensures their sustainability for the benefit of its customers, the regions of Quebec and future generations. It connects people with nature.

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