Sochaux: injured, Tony Mauricio definitively ends his career and pays tribute to FCSM: “Family”

Announced a few months ago, the end of Tony Maurici's career was officially announced by the player himself with a post on Instagram on Saturday, February 10. “The dream is over,” said the 29-year-old offensive midfielder, who was sidelined by a knee injury that made him unfit for high-level sports.

This Monday's 100% FCSM guest, Tony Mauricio spoke about his forced retirement, reflected on his two years at FCSM and his re-conversion. He will play 74 games and score 14 goals.

He would like to continue, despite the pain

Since the season in Ligue 2, Tony Mauricio has been suffering from osteoarthritis which has been causing him blockages and pain. The operation does not free him. At the end of August, at the beginning of September 2023, he has to face the facts, the high level is no longer for him: “I thought I could pull back a little for another year, two years, even if it meant suffering, except that there, with the blockades, it was not possible. “

In Sochaux, “I fell into a family”

Apart from regretting having to leave his playing career, Tony Mauricio pays tribute to FCSM, the last club he played for. “When I arrived at the club, I fell into the family”: the year of the mother, the 2021-2022 season, will remain one of his “best seasons” for him.

“I talked about it with coach Tanchot,” adds Tony Mauricio, “Sochaux, there are a lot of players who come here without necessarily knowing where they are going. But when they leave, it's complicated because it's the right club. Everything is arranged so that we feel good there and to stay as long as possible.”

The future? “Stay in football”

Tony Maurici's future is yet to be written, but he would like to “stay in football”. “I have to go through training and degrees, but I don't want to be difficult, it doesn't matter to me,” he explains, “I'm passionate about football, so whether it's coaching or not, in staff or in recruitment, it doesn't matter.

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