Teachers' salaries: “we will work on career environments” (N. Belloubet)

Nicole Belloubet, the new Minister of National Education, will work to improve the salary conditions of mid-career teachers. Image: Getty

Former Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet replaced Amélie Oudé-Castér in National Education on February 9, 2024. In an interview with France Inter, she talked about the problems that await her in the new ministry, and in particular mentioned the increase in the salaries of teachers and class groups.

“There is no level class”

Referring to the consultation carried out with 230,000 teachers, the new minister confirmed that, in order to improve student results, teachers are “looking for less heterogeneity in classes, looking for special support to meet specific needs. That's what we're going to do, this is the end of top-down teaching,” she said.

However, she refused to use the term “level group” used until now by Gabriel Attal and Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. “There is no level teaching,” she explained. We work in heterogeneous classes, i.e. in the 6th grade class are all students who are registered. What we are thinking about are groups that can meet the specific expectations of students. That's what the Prime Minister proposed, and it seems to me that that answer is not uninteresting.”

“Modalities” of solving student heterogeneity

Comments that caused outrage from listeners. “Teachers do not want this reform,” he emphasized. Inspectors don't want it, heads of institutions don't want it, parents don't want it.” But for the minister, “we have an observation that, it seems to me, is shared, including by teachers, about the insufficient efficiency of our system.” We cannot but respond.” He therefore wants to propose “modalities to take responsibility for this heterogeneity and to try to do as well as possible”.

Asked about the AEF, Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, also emphasized that during meetings with unions “the minister is careful not to say the term” of the group at the level. For Élisabeth Allain-Moreno, from SE-Uns, “it is an attempt to break the deadlock by changing the terminology, but it is not satisfactory”.

Thinking about improving the salary situation for mid-career teachers

When asked about the chronic lack of staff in national education, the minister pointed out that “staff is lacking because the teaching position is no longer attractive enough”. As for salaries, “there is a very significant effort that is made at the beginning of the career which now puts us above the average of OECD countries at the beginning of the career, and there has been an effort at the end of the career,” she said. underlined. We need to work specifically on career environments to see how we can try to improve this situation.”

She also reminded that “an indicative allowance of 1,250 euros” will be awarded to “school nurses and social workers who are engaged in the fight against harassment”.

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