Temporary work: employment in free fall, these are the sectors most affected

Gloomy prospects for transition. Temporary employment fell by 3.7% over the year 2023, falling to around 714,000 full-time jobs, according to a study by Prism'emploi, a sector federation, published this Wednesday, February 21. The decline was more pronounced in the last quarter, with 5.4% fewer jobs. “In 2023, economic difficulties remained significant: inflation remained at a high level, European economies slowed in the context of rising interest rates,” explains the federation.

If all sectors evolved downward, trade (-10.9% of jobs over one year) and transport-logistics (-6.5%), two areas strongly influenced by household consumption and thus inflation, were particularly affected, he states. in the document presented at the press conference. The situation should hardly improve in 2024, notes Prism'emploi, which refers to Banque de France projections according to which a total of 60,000 jobs will be destroyed in France this year, and 80,000 in 2025.

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A path to specific recourse to temporary work for the elderly

As the government pursues its goal of full employment by 2027 (i.e. an unemployment rate of around 5%, compared to the current 7.5%), mainly counting on a better employment rate for the elderly, Prism'emploi offers to create a “specific reason to use temporary work for the elderly, related to age”. Therefore, the company would not have to justify a temporary increase in activity or the replacement of an absent employee in order to call in a senior temporary employee.

At the request of the government, unions and employers are currently considering solutions to increase the employment rate of older people, with a target of 65% “by 2030” for those aged 60-64 (compared to 36.2% in 2022). Joint negotiations that should lead to an agreement at the end of March.

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