the biggest goal in Stephen Curry's career

On February 28, 2016, Stephen Curry marked an entire generation. On February 28, 2016, the all-time leading scorer hit the greatest shot of his career, the most legendary, the greatest Curry. Against the Thunder, one of the most incredible shots in the history of the NBA simply fell, and we remember it like it was yesterday.

The Golden State Warriors' 2015-16 season is paranormal. After 57 games played, the Dubs won 52, and if you're good at math, you realized they only lost 5. 24-0 to start the season, pure dominance awaits us and continues in the best basketball league in the world. +10.7 net rating, first team since Lakers 1987-88. which has a spot in the playoffs in February, the best first 58 games in history ahead of the Bulls in 1995-96.

In short, it delights everyone.

Then again, this game against OKC is a fight, literally. The Warriors were losing almost the entire game, and to make matters worse, Stephen Curry injured his ankle early in the third quarter. A blessing in disguise because Stephen Curry's return activates the mode of … Stephen Curry 2016. To put it in context, know that he posted 53 points in the third game of the season and he remains in two games of 42 and 51 points to clearly show that the NBA is on its feet. But we repeat, the Thunder are in the lead and are even in a position to win with a 9-point lead with 3 minutes 39 to go.

Except that the leader at number 30 can change everything and that's exactly what he will decide to do. A 3-point pullback on the head of Steven Adams – who probably took a bit of RTT after this match – followed by another, even more ridiculous pullback. Support that would earn him a spot on Dancing with the Stars, but not on the basketball court.

With the miracle signed Iguodala and the suffocation signed Kevin Durant, everyone is going to overtime in which only one player will excel again. Before these extra 5 minutes, Stephen Curry has made nine 3-pointers, and all three that follow… will be legendary.

The tenth allows him to tie the record for three-pointers scored in a season. Yes, in February.

The eleventh doesn't even touch the rim, while coming out of the dribble from behind and in the process of falling. No, but seriously, he's completely insane.

And the twelfth? Sit down.

118 everywhere. As Russell Westbrook misses a shot for a two-point lead, Iguodala grabs the rebound and makes an apparent layup for the lead. Three dribbles later, Stephen Curry stops 12 yards from the right side and shoots. After two seconds in the air where time seems to be frozen, the ball shakes the net and goes into the basket as if it were obvious. 121-118 with 6 tenths, but the match is over.

“Oh, what a shot from Curry!”

6 years ago, Steph called the game from midfield 🥶

— ESPN (@espn) February 27, 2022

“They have a timeout, they decide not to use it, Curry downtown, BANG! POWDER! Oh, what a shot from Curry!”.

Like Ray Allen's shot, everyone knows this Mike Breen call by heart because the shot is legendary. The celebration is just as much and it all allows the Warriors to get their 53rd win in 58 games. If we're counting, we're going for Chef with 46 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds, and 14/24 shooting, including an absurd 12/16 three-pointer, to lead his team to victory.

Paradoxically, the victory of the match and the balance are only in the background. The symbolism takes over because it's one of those moments that defines a player. For Stephen Curry, everything about this shot is perfect: the fact that he tied the record for three-pointers in a game, the distance, the celebration, and above all, the immense confidence that surrounds him at this point in his career. An aura that makes us say “oh no” every time the ball comes out of his right that turns everything into gold.

Draymond Green and all of his teammates seem to be pretty much on board with us in terms of their reaction, a reaction that must also resemble the reaction of all those who experienced this moment live or on video, alone or with many, at 6 a.m. with dark circles or in the United States States, Warriors fan or just curious, it really doesn't matter.

Mike Breen also points out, Steve Kerr doesn't take time out… Why? It's tied and he doesn't want the defense to have time? Of course, but he also allows it because he has blind trust in Steph, who returns it perfectly. The absolutely perfect player-coach association, leading to this legendary moment in the modern NBA.

“Steph's shot… It was one of those moments that are surreal. Just unreal. To pull away from that distance and bend the game like that was just incredible. It's one of those games where, if you're the opponent, you shake your head and say 'this isn't fair, this isn't possible'. It was so far away. There is no defense for this kind of blow. It was just… funny – Bob Myers, former GM of the Warriors on this game-winner.

He is also the Baby Face Killer symbol of the unanimous MVP of the 2015-16 season. 30 points on average at 45.4% away – sorry, really far… what else do you want to say…

Text source: ESPN, NBC Sport Bay Area

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