The end of Martin Perin's volleyball career: “He will recover, there is no doubt,” explains his father Vincent

Together with his son since the accident on Sunday afternoon, Vincent Perin has been closely following the tests that were carried out to try to explain this second cardiac arrest in a period of fifteen months. “But, like the first time, we don't know how to explain itspecifies the president of Waremma Volley. This is the most frustrating thing. Afterwards we have to face things, it cannot continue as if nothing happened. High-level sports, adrenaline and stress can increase the risk of developing arrhythmias, but this is the case for everyone. Maybe high-level sport has nothing to do with what's happening to Martin, but we have to balance the benefit against the risk. And the doctors, even though they are not police officers, made it clear that they should not leave him like that.

And the disappointment is all the greater because the life of the Perin family has revolved around volleyball for many years. “Martin's project fails, his dream goes away, and the disappointment is hugethe patriarch testifies. But he is a mature and farsighted boy. And if he doesn't necessarily accept the news, he understands the decision. We were a bit on the volleyball cloud and all of that made us come back down to earth. You just have to take it all in, even if it's terribly unfair to him. In terms of his involvement, his motivation, internally we are very angry that this has fallen on him.

In the second year of foreign trade in the HEPL, Martin Perin already has an exit, although giving up the world of volleyball will not be easy. “We are a very united family, we will stick together and it will be fine. You have to be careful, your health comes first. We cannot, for the pleasure of volleyball, ignore these risks. He will have to face challenges, but he will recover, there is no doubt about that. And we will help him.

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