the future career project creates tension in the Sisteronais family

The career project creates discord among the residents of Vaumeil. The latter fear the disturbance caused by the site that SAB wants to set up.

It's a career project that gets people talking in the Sisteron region. The company SAB, already the owner of the Beynon quarry in Ventavon, plans to build a second quarry in the town of Poët near the Sisteron Val Durance activity zone.

This project, which is in the stage of public discussion until February 22, has been presented, but it does not convince everyone. Especially the residents of the municipality of Vaumeilh, who therefore founded an opposition collective.

A presentation to residents… that is hard to convince

This project is the result of five years of preparatory work by SAB. Over the past two weeks, SAB released a 1,500-page dossier detailing all stages of their future careers that would be based in the city of Poët.

The goal of this quarry would be to extract materials from the ground and then transport them to the Beynon site. In order to present their project in detail, the company came to present it in the town halls of surrounding towns such as Vaumeilh, Valernes, Sigoyer or Mison.

Vaumeilhois, who opposes the project, fears inconvenience from the quarry, as well as dust clouds created by activities on site.

“If they gave me studies of wind, dust, nuisance, impact on fauna and flora, I could read them… And if they really prove to me that there are no problems, then why not, but at the moment that is not the case,” observes Pénélope Guidoni, a resident of Vaumeil already 20 years.

According to SAB, the quarry was used only between October and March

Residents also fear that this quarry will affect the tourism sector, an element of great importance in the region.

“After the municipal survey, 97% of Vaumeilhois confirmed to me that they are against the project,” says Elisabeth Collombon, mayor of Vaumeilhois since 2008.

From the side of the SAB company, we point out that all possible studies have been done and are in the 1,500-page file that was delivered to the city authorities.

The management specifies that the quarry will not affect summer tourist activity, as the location will only be used from October to March.

“As for the dust, there is a whole monitoring plan that will be put in place. As for the noise, the residents of Vaumeil will not hear an excavator loading trucks two kilometers from their communities,” specifies Nicolas Piarry, SAB development director.

“We want the population to judge us on the basis of what is published in the files, and not on the basis of rumors or hearsay,” urges Lionel Para, the company's general director.

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