The great career of the Beauceron judge is coming to an end

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February 27, 2024 | 7 in the morning.

Jonathan Defoe

After 803 games officiating in the Maritimes Quebec Junior Hockey League (QMJHL), Beauceville referee Jean-Philippe Sylvain blew the whistle last Saturday while on duty for his final game.

In an interview on Cool FM 103.5 on Tuesday morning, the big man indicated that this passion started at the age of 14 in his native Beauce.

“I started refereeing with a friend you know well, Keven Cloutier. We both wanted to go to the refereeing course, but in the end he didn't come”, points out Sylvain with a laugh. After a few years behind the game, he decided to leave minor hockey for refereeing.

Sylvain noted that he does not see such a big difference between his time and what a young official can experience today. “I don't think it was much different than today. It is a big difference that there were no cell phones to record what was happening in the stands and what was not going well on social networks. I think it stayed more at the local level. »

He then advised young people who would like to start judging to remember that the most derogatory comments are addressed to the function, not the person.

He wanted to highlight the importance of certain referees in Beauce, such as Charlie Brousseau and, more recently, Hugues Veilleux, who have helped him throughout his career. “They are certainly one of the people who influenced me in the right way. They conveyed to me their passion, the joy of being on the ice and the way they do their job well. »

Quietly but surely, Beauceron rose up the ladder judging a passage of right caliber at Beauce before going to Estrie in 2000 to school. There he had the opportunity to reach the U18 AAA Hockey Development League and as a young hockey player it was only a matter of time before he received an offer from the QMJHL in 2004.

He was very nervous about his first game, he said he remembers little of it. “It was in Drummondville, I don't remember the away team, I was a linesman but I was so nervous I don't remember the game at all, I would tell you. I remember that I managed to do it, but I can't tell you a single anecdote from this match, I reached my national league. »

Gathering years of experience, several opportunities came knocking at his door such as the QMJHL Finals, international tournaments and the 2016 World Junior Hockey Championship in Finland.

After a successful and long-term career as a judge, the career policeman now intends to concentrate on his work and his children, who have started playing hockey.

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