The IDF fears a mass exodus of career soldiers

The IDF fears a mass exodus of career soldiers

Israel's military, the IDF, is facing growing concerns over a possible mass exodus of its career soldiers, with some officers expressing feelings of neglect and lack of appreciation for them. This trend is of particular concern to military officials because it could lead to severe manpower shortages, especially in key units such as the intelligence corps.

According to information reported by Israel Hayom, although actual departures have not yet been significantly observed, discontent among career troops has become a constant topic of conversation. A sense of injustice arises because career soldiers feel that they do not receive the same support and recognition as reserve soldiers, who are widely praised by society and employers.

The situation in the intelligence corps is particularly worrying, where the weight of responsibility for the massacre on October 7 is felt intensely. Fears of mass resignations in this unit are real and could worsen an already difficult situation characterized by difficulties in recruiting qualified soldiers.

In addition, the families of career soldiers seem to be more affected by the consequences of war than the families of reservists. While the latter benefit from various forms of financial and emotional support, families of career soldiers feel neglected and excluded from state and social initiatives.

Faced with this situation, the IDF Spokesperson's Office emphasized the importance of career soldiers and their essential contribution to the army's success. Measures are being taken to ensure fair compensation and adequate support for soldiers and their families, with the aim of retaining the best elements within the military. Efforts are also being made to improve service conditions, benefits and career opportunities for career soldiers, in hopes of addressing their discontent and preventing a mass exodus.

This discouragement can also be attributed to management and interference in political debate within the military. Several testimonies show that intelligence officers warned of the threat before October 7, but that they were not heeded. On the contrary, they were considered bad analysts and disavowed, and the consequences were unfortunately known later.

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