this song that relaunched his career

Matt Pokora: this song that relaunched his career

Matt Pokora is one of the most famous French artists.

In the Léna Situations six-seater sofa podcast, Matt Pokora spoke specifically about the title that relaunched his career.

Faced with Léna Situations, Matt Pokora returned to the release titled “Juste une photo de toi”, 2010. On this topic he explains:

I know I have the biggest hit of my career. I know because I wrote and composed it in two hours. It was obvious. The German manufacturer sent me instructions with the shutter sound of the photo in production. That's what brings me to the topic.“.

He even remembers singing this song to his mother, who found it “super efficient“. “I tell myself that if my mother and I like it, it's because there's a pretty wide selection. Young people will like it, as well as “housewives”“, he continues. However, Matt Pokora had absolutely no intention of walking back to the front of the stage at the start. He remembers:

“At first I don't want to play this sound. Walking back is pretty complicated anyway! People want to see me perform. But we said to ourselves: we are coming out of failure, and coming back with a ballad still comes back modestly. It also puts the focus back on you, rather than you and the visual“.

The singer is then aware that he has the right card. Indeed, the hits of that time were mostly electro-pop. So Matt Pokora succeeded in his bet. Certainly, “Juste une photo de toi” did not exceed the 44th place in the French charts, but the single sold 100,000 copies. Since then, this title has become a classic in the artist's repertoire. In addition, the success of the song is also on YouTube. Today, the clip has more than 63 million views. Matt Pokora adds:

It's the first YouTube hit, it's the first non-radio hit, where people come directly to find what they want to listen to. And since the young people liked the clip, everyone played it and it got millions of views without a strong explosion on radio and television. It was also the beginning of a new era“.

A bitter failure

Indeed, in early 2010, Matt Pokora's album, “MP3”, was a real failure. “At that time the album wasn't doing well enough and the tour wasn't fulfilling, I was waiting and I was saying to myself: 'I'll avoid keeping the same lifestyle' (…) When everything stops, we have to keep paying bills and taxes. I'd rather have some money on the side to recover, so I'm selling the apartment and the car“, says the singer. He also claims that he always had a clear vision of success:

People who are successful and who make plans for everything: take advantage of the four, five, six years you are there. (…) All the people you meet on the way up, you also meet on the way down“.

Thanks to the title “Just a photo of you”, Matt Pokora managed to forge even stronger bonds with his audience. This also allowed him to win two awards at the NRJ Music Awards in early 2011, one for Song of the Year and one for Artist of the Year. Subsequently, Matt Pokora changed the situation with a series of successes and became the real star he is now.

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