Tony Carreira sings about his 35-year career

Author: Sandra Martins
Posted on March 4, 24 at 7:30 p.m.

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The stage is a bit like his second home. Tony Carreira is much more than a great artist, he is a success machine. In his 35-year career, the Portuguese singer has 20 original albums, 60 platinum records and millions of records sold worldwide.

On the occasion of the anniversary tour, they will stop at Magnificent Montereau-Fault-Yonne on Friday, March 8, at a unique concert where he will perform the biggest hits from his repertoire. Interview.

Last December you celebrated your sixtieth candle. So, you have been singing for more than half your life. Are you proud of your career and all that you have achieved?

I actually celebrated my sixtieth birthday. When I first started making music, I think like any artist, I didn't know how long it could last. It's a precarious profession. Today, I am very proud of my journey and everything I have managed to achieve. Even more when I look back! I lived wonderful years with music.

Do you remember your first concert in France?

As far as I remember, my first concert in France was at the age of 15. I sang in a dance group in the Paris region. And indeed, I remember this first show very, very well. However, it is far! I just started doing music.

You tour a lot in Europe and around the world. What gives you the strength to go on stage all these years?

I sang in many countries of the world. For years, I went on stage as if every performance was my last. Then one day I said to myself “this seems to be going on”. Contact with the public is the energy I need.

You have a great career in Portugal, but also in France. Do those two audiences seem different to you?

Indeed, they are different audiences. Just like when I go to sing in Germany, Australia or South Africa. They are a different audience because they live in a different universe. But this does not mean that they are better or worse, it is not qualitative.

You have a real connection with your fans. Is it important to you to thank them?

I've always had a very close relationship with my fans, right from the start. That's something I always keep. Because that's how I see things. I owe them everything. It is a matter of gratitude in my eyes.

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Your last French album “Le coeur des femmes” was released in 2017. Are you working on a new French project?

I am currently working on a new Portuguese album. Some titles may be in French. But it's still a bit unclear, I don't know yet. I'll see about the songs. If some can appeal to the French public, I will sing some of them!

You are promoting Portugal in France. Are you proud to convey your culture through your songs?

Yes, I am very proud to travel all over the world to represent my country. I am Portuguese at heart, although I love France, it is my second home. I think everyone knows that. I love France. I have enormous gratitude and admiration for this country. So many things connect me between France and Portugal. I lived a period of my life in France that I will never forget, I was so happy there!

What and from whom do you draw inspiration for writing your songs?

I get asked this question a lot. Well, I have no idea. My idol was Mike Brant. I like to sing, I like love songs, melodic songs that tell stories. Ultimately, we all have the same stories. Our disappointments in love, our tears, our joys, this is my own universe.

You filled the most prestigious halls in Portugal such as Altice Arena and Coliseum. Is it a challenge to fill the biggest rooms in France?

Indeed, I managed to fill these rooms. In Portugal, I hold the record for Altice Arena in Lisbon, which corresponds to Bercy in Paris. I did great things like performing twice on the Avenue de la Liberté in front of 700,000 people and on the Place du Commerce in front of 400,000 others. It was wonderful.

As for France, I have already filled, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful French halls such as the Palais des Congrès, the Olympia a dozen times, the Palais des Sports, the Casino de Paris, some zeniths throughout France. I even did one in Paris. I am satisfied with what I managed to do.

You sang about your dream to become a singer in Sonhos de menino. Do you think you have achieved all your dreams?

Menin's sons (editor's note. Children's dreams in French) is surely the most emblematic song of my career. If I could achieve all my dreams, I would say yes, and much more than I could have dreamed of when I started my music career. I am proud that I have been experiencing all this for a long time. But the more we live, the more we dream. While we are alive, there are always other dreams. No age to dream.

Tony Carreira in concert on Friday, March 8, at 8:30 pm at the Majestic in Montereau-Fault-Yonne. Full show.

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